Chinese Speaking Test Success: HSKK Beginner Practice

Boost Your Chinese Speaking Skills, Pass the HSKK Exam, and Gain Confidence in Conversations

What you will learn

Master the three question types of the HSKK Beginner: Listen and Repeat, Listen and Reply, and Answer Questions.

Enhance Chinese speaking skills and fluency.

Gain confidence in conversational Chinese.

Successfully pass the HSKK Speaking Test.


Are you preparing for the HSKK Speaking Test? Do you want to improve your Chinese speaking skills and successfully pass the exam? Look no further! This comprehensive pre-exam training course is designed specifically for HSKK candidates and Chinese learners of all levels.

The HSKK Speaking Test (Primary Level) is a challenging exam that requires authentic practice and thorough preparation. In this course, you will receive expert guidance and intensive training to excel in all three question types found in the exam: Listen and Repeat, Listen and Reply, and Answer Questions.

With over 10 video lectures and 150 authentic exam questions, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the exam structure and rating standards. Our professional teachers have carefully crafted 75 Listen & Repeat exam sentences and 40 Listen & Reply exam questions to ensure you have ample practice opportunities.

But it doesn’t stop there! We go beyond exam practice and provide you with skill-builder tips to enhance your overall Chinese speaking abilities. You’ll also receive 40+ printable review sheets and worksheets to reinforce what you’ve learned and track your progress effectively.

By enrolling in this course, you’ll gain access to FREE Worksheets Answer Checking and Course Discussion Group support, enabling you to clarify your doubts and connect with fellow learners.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a confident Chinese speaker and pass the HSKK Speaking Test with flying colors. Enroll now and unlock your language potential!




Course Overview
Study Guide

About HSKK Beginner Exam

Test Content, Passing Score and Certificate
Rating Standards

Question Type 1: Listen and Repeat

Sample Question 1 – 20
Sample Question 21 – 40
Sample Question 41 – 60
Sample Question 61 – 80

Question Type 2: Listen and Reply

Sample Question 1 – 20
Sample Question 21 – 40
Sample Question 41 – 60
Sample Question 61 – 80
Sample Question 81 – 90

Question Type 3: Answer the Questions

Sample Question 1 & 2
Sample Question 3 & 4
Sample Question 5 & 6
Sample Question 7 & 8


Summarize: Key Takeaways and Next Steps

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