Business Conundrums for MBA

MBA Case Studies

What you will learn

Product Innovation vs. Market Demand

Expansion vs. Core Competency

Cost Leadership vs. Premium Quality

Sustainability vs. Immediate Profitability

Automation vs. Workforce

International Expansion vs. Domestic Focus

Digital Transformation vs. Traditional Business Model


This is a course dealing with Business Conundrums. The format is simple: 20 Case Studies. One per week is discussed. Each Case Study comes with:

a. a printed version which you should print before we discuss

b. some key areas identified for discussion

c. a highly interactive Instructor!

This last category (c) is significant. Each week we only focus on ONE Case Study. Any points/suggestions/comments about other Case Studies will be dismissed. We all need to focus, explore, develop and discuss.

Section A Case Studies

1. Product Innovation vs. Market Demand

2. Expansion vs. Core Competency

3. Cost Leadership vs. Premium Quality

4. Sustainability vs. Immediate Profitability

5. Automation vs. Workforce

6. International Expansion vs. Domestic Focus

7. Digital Transformation vs. Traditional Business Model

Section B Case Studies

This section, rather than give you the 3 key areas, poses a series of discussion questions.


1. Balancing Profitability and Accessibility in an Online Education Platform

2. Ethical Data Acquisition in AI Personalization Start-Up

3. Balancing Commercial Success and National Security in a Defence Technology Firm

4. Implementing AI in Healthcare While Ensuring Equity and Privacy

5. Integrating Cutting-Edge Technology in a Private Education Chain

6. Sustainable Innovation in AgriTech for a Farming Cooperative

7. Enhancing Guest Experience through Technology in the Hospitality Sector

8. Balancing Development and Sustainability in Boosting Local Tourism

9. Maximizing Impact through Fundraising for Stroke Survivor Support

10. Balancing Affordability and Profitability in the Housing Sector

11. Competing in the Premier League with Limited Financial Resources

12. Innovating in the Weight Loss Industry Amidst Ethical and Efficacy Challenges

13. Navigating Innovation, Ethics, and Profitability in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Think of this like one big classroom with an Instructor ensuring that the class remain focused on the particular topic/Case Study. This exchange of ideas between students from all over the world, is where true learning will take place.



Why this course is good for you

Why this course is good for you!

The Case Studies

XYZ Tech Inc. (Feb wk 1 )
Acme (Feb wk 2 )
Belleview (Feb wk 3 )
Green Leaf (Feb wk 4 )
TechFab Industries (Mch wk 1 )
Delightful Dishes (Mch wk 2)
Old Town Bookstore (Mch wk 3 )

Case Studies with Discussion Points

LearnSphere (Mch wk 4 )
PersonAI (April 1st week)
DefendTech Solutions (April 2nd week)
HealthTech Innovations (April 3rd week)
EdFuture Academies (April 4th wk)
Green Grow Co-op (May 1st wk)
Lux Retreats (May 2nd wk)
Tourism Development (May 3rd week)
New Horizons (charity) (May 4th wk)
Habitat Harmony (June 1st wk)
United Strikers (June 2nd wk)
Lean Life (June 3rd wk)
PharmaFuture (June 4th wk)



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