Build Habits Using Biology And Neuroscience

Make a meaningful impact on your life with healthy habits by using Neuroscience (Dopamine, Adrenaline, Testosterone)

What you will learn

Understand the role of Dopamine and Testosterone in building habits

Learn how to manage identity-based goals task-based goals to build habits

Learn to balance discipline and habits

Build the habit of working on habits

Use your procedural memory to help build habits

Use Science and not fluff pop-culture ideas to truly succeed in forming better habits


Learn fundamental and Scientific ways of looking at habits, and learn about concepts like habit strength, discipline, procedural memory identity-based goals, and Neuroplasticity as they relate to building strong and healthy habits.


You will learn how Dopamine, Adrenaline, and Testosterone help you achieve your goals of adapting the habits you want, and how to best structure when and how you try to adapt new habits depending on your mood, situation, and energy levels. You will also learn how to


Learn to maximize the amount of good chemicals your body needs to produce through proper lifestyle, diet, and sleep. You can help yourself and increase the chances of forming habits and sticking to them long-term if you just structure the rest of your life right.


Getting in the habit of working on habits will help you adapt many positive behaviors that will improve your life over time. Start working on habits one at a time, and create foundational habits that transform your identity into someone you want to become.


Habits are a huge topic these days, but few people are truly successful in building habits, and no one has succeeded in building every habit they ever desired. We are all just trying our best, and in this course, I’ll show you how to maximize the results of your efforts.

Invest in your future! Enroll today!



Introduction and welcome

Introduction and welcome

Science-based exploration of habits

How to get more discipline to begin building habits
Using our procedural memory and visualization techniques to build habits
Hack: when we are in action, we get more energy and Dopamine released during
Combining habits you like with new ones you want to form
How to test if you’ve formed a habit, and determining habit strength
Types of goal setting to help you form habits and find motivation

Role of Testosterone

Myths and the real benefit of Testosterone
Natural ways to boost Testosterone

Research and myths about duration of building habits

Research and myths about duration of building habits


Get in the habit of working on habits
Habits are a mess in practice

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