Blueprint: Ace Backtracking/Recursion Interview Problem

Blueprint: Ace Backtracking/Recursion Interview Problem
Compiled list of Leetcode questions to Ace your Next Interview

What you will learn

Master problem-solving with various data structures and algorithms, tackling challenges from easy to hard.

Develop proficiency in addressing classical coding interview questions.

Learn the art of breaking down interview problems systematically.

Enhance your problem-solving skills through practical application.


This course is part of series of courses teaching you how to ace any coding interview at big tech companies. This course we will be focusing on backtracking and recursive problems.

If you visit the Leetcode page now you will see that there are almost 3000 questions. No matter if you have 3 weeks or 3 or 6 months to prepare, solving 3000 questions seems impossible.

Quality over quantity! I solved hundreds of them while preparing for big tech interviews and I can say with confidence after certain number of questions we have diminishing returns. A good base of questions with patterns clearly explained is all you really need. As of now there are many lists online Blind 75, Prashadโ€™s leetcode patterns, curated list of problems from Elements of Programming.


I aggregated all problems from those lists and tips/tricks from the books in one free platform. Solving problems on this platform will make you prepared for any coding interview at most of the big tech companies. For each problem, we have description, written explanation with time/space complexity. All problems are solved using 4 different programming languages C++, Java, JavaScript and Python. For each problem we created a deep dive video going into details on how to solve the problem. As of this moment we have 17 categories with 200+ solved problems.

The platform is meant to be used following 4 simple steps:

  1. Start with any of the categories, and go from easy to hard level problems (sorted order)
  2. Read the problem, see if you can do it on your own, read the explanations and watch the video
  3. Try related problems and continue solving the problem in the selected category
  4. Retention phase, after 3 weeks randomly select a problem from the category you have already completed, solved the problem in your head. Basically just go through the pattern you would use, read the explanation of the solution

Problem Set

Letter Case Permutation
Letter Combinations of a Phone Number
Subsets II
Permutations II
Combination Sum
Combination Sum II
Combination Sum III
Word Search
Palindrome Partitioning
Generate Parentheses
Sudoku Solver

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