Beginner course: Getting Started with Java

Get to learn the basics to become a Java developer

What you will learn

The basics of programming with Java

Using Visual Studio Code for Java development

Basic Java variable types

Using methods and objects in Java


Is Java your first programming language and do you want to get up and running fast? Or maybe you are already an experienced programmer in another language and want to give Java a try?

In this tutorial you will find short separate videos which take you through the basics of the Java programming language. First you will check the Java version on your computer or install a new Java Development Kit (JDK). In the next session, you will find 30 minutes of video, showing you how you can run single-source Java files on your computer and experiment with the Java programming language. Each video has a page with the full description and the code you can copy and paste to run on your own computer.

From Java version 11 onwards, you can run simple Java code in a single source file without compiling it, just like you can run a Python or Bash script. And that’s precisely what we will do in this high-speed Java programming course!

With this tutorial you’ll get the basic idea of Java code, that is, the programming language, which will allow you to experiment and learn further.

This tutorial is based on a section of the book “Getting Started with Java on the Raspberry Pi” by Frank Delporte, the creator of this course.





Install Java

Check Your Java Installation
Install Java on Your Computer
Find Another Java Version

Java Quick Start Tutorial

Choosing an Editor
Choosing an Editor – Video
“Hello World!”
“Hello World!” – Video
Using Arguments and String Arrays
Using Arguments and String Arrays – Video
Working With Numbers
Working with Numbers – Video
If, Then, Else
If, Then, Else – Video
Enum and Switch
Enum and Switch – Video
Using Methods
Using Methods – Video
Using Objects
Using Objects – Video
Reading a Text File
Reading a Text File – Video
Using Streams
Using Streams – Video
What’s Next?

Bonus Lectures

Bonus Lectures

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