Become Metaverse Master: The Ultimate Guide To The Metaverse

7 Quick and Easy Steps That Will Make You a Confident Player, Creator & Investor in This New Reality

What you will learn

Define the metaverse

Discover the characteristics of the Metaverse

Provide examples of how industries are being transformed by the Metaverse

Understand the technologies behind the metaverse

Assess and minimize risk when investing in the Metaverse

Identify direct & indirect metaverse investment opportunities

Earn money from the Metaverse

Detect and avoid scams & rug pulls

Properly research a Metaverse project

Use a Metamask wallet & decentralized exchanges

Analyze potential positive & negative impacts of the Metaverse on our societies

Hold a balanced discussion about the pros & cons of the Metaverse

Gain an insight into laws & regulations that will govern the Metaverse

Discover what the Big Tech is planning for the future of the Metaverse

Use NFT marketplaces

Connect your wallet to decentralized platforms

Create your avatar & use popular Metaverse platforms


*** This course comes with custom-made English captions ***

What exactly is the Metaverse?

What can we do in the Metaverse?

Does the Metaverse even exist yet?

Can you make money from the Metaverse?

Is the Metaverse really what we want for the future of humanity?

All your questions answered in this first complete practical guide to the Metaverse. This course covers not only definitions, technologies and Metaverse investment opportunities, but also more sensitive topics, such as social implications of the Metaverse, potential issues it will create for societies & laws it will need to govern it.

The most exciting thing is that we will not stop at theory! I will take you, step by step, through practical aspects of the Metaverse. At the end of this course, you will know how to set up your cryptocurrency wallet, use decentralized exchanges, create your avatar and connect your wallet to Metaverse platforms & NFT marketplaces.

After finishing this course, you will have all the knowledge and tools to start your Metaverse journey right away!

I’m Ziva, your instructor for this course, and I have one main objective: To make you a confident participant in the Metaverse, for whatever reason you would like to get involved – as a player, creator or investor.

I am a Metaverse & Blockchain enthusiast, and I want to share my passion with my students. I firmly believe that the Blockchain and the technologies it powers have the same transformative potential as the Internet had 30 years ago.

Most people don’t realize it, but the Metaverse could very well be the next big thing that will shape our future. I want you to be ready for the future that awaits us and not feel overwhelmed by rapid changes that technology imposes on our societies. Join me in this course to discover all opportunities that the Metaverse offers you!

In 7 easy steps we will cover all the aspects of the Metaverse. You will be able to reinforce your knowledge with quizzes & brainstorming exercises at the end of each section.

Throughout the course, I provide many visual examples to demonstrate the discussed topic, so that everything instantly becomes clearer.

We will start our journey by discussing different definitions of the Metaverse & discovering what the Metaverse is. We will look at the characteristics of the Metaverse and discover main Metaverse platforms.

You will finally understand the Blockchain and the purpose of NFTs and Smart Contracts. We will identify the technologies necessary to build a Metaverse and the technological barriers that we still need to overcome.

We will see concrete examples of the amazing potential of the Metaverse and how it is already transforming big industries.

We will devote almost one third of this course to investing in the Metaverse. You will learn how to evaluate risk when investing, identify direct & indirect investment opportunities, thoroughly research a Metaverse project, detect scams and rug pulls, as well as use a cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized exchanges.

Every new technology brings positive and negative things, and the Metaverse is no exception. In this course, we will analyze the potential good and bad impacts that the Metaverse will have on individuals and societies. We will brainstorm about what problems may arise with the Metaverse & what laws and regulations will the Metaverse need.

Finally, you will learn what the Big Tech is planning for the Metaverse and what is the future of the Metaverse.

At the very end, we will go on an adventure! We will connect our wallet to two of the most popular Metaverse platforms of the moment – Decentraland & The Sandbox – we will create our avatar and explore the platforms.


A detailed description of what you will learn:

– How do we define the Metaverse?

– What are Metaverse characteristics?

– Which are main Metaverse platforms?

– Transition from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0

– How Blockchain & NFTs function and fit into the Metaverse?

– What are Smart Contracts & DAOs?

– Technologies that power the Metaverse: Blockchain, NFTs; Extended, Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality; Artificial Intelligence; Internet of Things; 3D reconstruction

– What technological barriers we need to overcome?

– How is the Metaverse disrupting large industries (gaming, advertising, entertainment, education, real estate, financial services, health)

– Cool Metaverse experiences

– How to invest in the Metaverse with cryptocurrency, land, NFTs, launchpads, Metaverse Index, Metaverse Exchange Traded Funds & stocks.

– How to thoroughly research a Metaverse project

– How to detect scams & rug pulls with advanced methods

– How to use a Metamask wallet & decentralized exchanges

– What are the social implications of the Metaverse?

– What are potential positive & negative impacts of the Metaverse on societies?

– What are the challenges of the Metaverse?

– What laws & regulation are needed for the Metaverse?

– How do big companies see the future of the Metaverse?

– Let’s get started with the Metaverse! A practical guide to existing Metaverse platforms


What is this course about
How is this course structured

Understand the nature of the Metaverse – Step 1

Intro 1: Understand the Metaverse
Demystifying the Metaverse
From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0
Main characteristics of the Metaverse
How does the Blockchain fit in?
What are NFTs?
Main Metaverse platforms
Metaverse Fashion Week footage
Recap 1: Understand the nature of the Metaverse
Quiz 1: Understand the nature of the Metaverse

Identify the technologies powering the Metaverse – Step 2

Intro 2: Technologies behind the Metaverse
Blockchain & the Metaverse
Extended Reality (VR, AR, MR)
XR examples
Artificial Intelligence
AI examples
3D reconstruction
Internet of Things
Hardware technologies and limitations
Hardware examples
Recap 2: Identify the technologies powering the Metaverse
Quiz 2: Identify the technologies powering the Metaverse

Discover how the Metaverse is transforming industries – Step 3

Intro 3: How the Metaverse is transforming industries
Is the Metaverse just a game?
Industries disrupted by the Metaverse
Cool Metaverse experiences
Recap 3: Discover how the Metaverse is transforming industries

Confidently invest in the Metaverse – Step 4

Intro 4: Invest in the Metaverse
Assess and minimize risk
Coins & Tokens
Virtual Land
Indirect ways of investing
Play to Earn
How to research a Metaverse project?
How to avoid scams?
What are rug pulls?
BONUS 1: How to create and use a Metamask wallet
BONUS 2: How to use decentralized exchanges
Recap 4: Confidently invest in the Metaverse
Quiz 4: Confidently invest in the Metaverse

Analyze social implications of the Metaverse – Step 5

Intro 5: Social implications of the Metaverse
How will the Metaverse improve our daily lives?
What challenges will the Metaverse bring?
What laws will govern the Metaverse?
Recap 5: Analyze social implications of the Metaverse

Brainstorm about the the future of the Metaverse – Step 6

Intro 6: The future of the Metaverse
Where is the Metaverse headed?
Different visions of the Metaverse
Recap 6: Brainstorm about the the future of the Metaverse

Get started with the Metaverse – Step 7

Intro 7: Get started with the Metaverse
Decentraland – Part I
Decentraland – Part II
The Sandbox – Part I
The Sandbox – Part II
Final Thoughts



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