A conceptual understanding of clinical ophthalmology

A conceptual understanding of clinical ophthalmology
Shahzad Waseem’s Clinical Ophthalmogy. A new approach to learn ophthalmology by overcoming the ambiguties.

What you will learn

Will learn the conceptual understanding of ophthalmology

Will be more curious to find the practical solutions of the problems

Will be able to unlearn the myths

Will be able to rethink about the past concepts



Welcome to an on going course on clinical ophthalmology with continual medical education (CME) as the the time passes after publication of this course. You will see mire and more stuff and latest researches in this field to be added on tegular basis .

This is a course for the medical students who are learning clinical ophthalmic in any capacity. And they intent to clear their concepts and unlearning the myths in ophthalmology.

The students may be studying MBBS (undergraduates, especially), FRCS, FCPS, paramedics , orthoptists, optometrists and Eye nursing & OT assistants.

This course is not for those who are expecting a conventional way of learning like ppt lectures, nor its for those who are looking to solve their issues with chat gpt and artificial intelligence.


This course is for self motivated learners. Who are willing to do brain stroming, willing to unlearn the wrongs and open enough to grasp the new and right things in ophthalmology .

My best wishes are to all the students from all over the world to a new level and approach to eye diseases .

And i hope after this continual course, where i will be adding more and more learning stuff with the passage of times. And I will be adding up to date researches which are going on.

So once you enroll , you will enter into a continual medical education (CME)


Introduction. What’s on going conceptual continued medical learning (CME)
Basic anatomy of the eye
Complete Examination of the Eye by Torch
How to take vision correctly & What’s Pin Hole
Sample video. Famto second laser (LASIK) for removing glasses
General lecture on Eyelids
Complete Ptosis examination.
Eyelids. Style vs Chalazion. Important facts .

Lacrimal System

A conceptual approach

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