6 Simple Steps to Bring Your Dreams into Your Reality

Overcome the Overwhelm

What you will learn

Overcome the overwhelm that’s keeping you stuck in one place and preventing you from taking action on your dreams

Learn how to work through the 6 phases of breaking down the mountainous dream in your mind into an actionable plan

Break the all-or-nothing cycle and learn to take consistent tiny actions shifting your day-to-day reality

An easy method to untangle the confusion and overcome the analysis paralysis that’s keeping you from moving forward


This course guides you through my gentle, but effective, 6-step system for breaking your BIG dreams and goals into actionable steps, allowing you to overcome the overwhelm and step into your true potential.

Each step is powerful and allows you to connect with yourself, reflect on the significance and alignment with yourself and your life, and moves you closer to bringing your dreams into your reality.

  1. Identify your why, and take a deep look at your current rituals, your desired rituals, and how to bridge the gap between the two
  2. Organize the chaos, get clear on what your goals are and where you want to go
  3. Identify actionable items, learn how to break down your big ideas into actionable steps that reduce the overwhelm
  4. Create your plan, guidance on the methodology of how to plan out your big goals and smaller action items in a way to stay on track, get organized and have a clear path forward
  5. Tracking your progress, how to do it, what to use, and why it’s important!
  6. Celebrate your wins, guidance on how you can celebrate, when and what to celebrate, and how to implement this to keep you motivated throughout your journey

FREE WITH COURSE: You receive the Overcome the Overwhelm Goal Setting Workbook to guide you through each of the 6 steps of my goal setting method!




How to Work Through the Course

Taking the First Step

Step One Introduction
Identify your Inspiration & “Why”
Reflect on your current rituals
Desired Rituals
Tying it All Together

Organizing the Chaos

Step Two Introduction
Get clear on your dreams
Prioritizing your intentions
How to set SMART goals
Putting it All Together

Clarifying Actionable Steps

Step Three Introduction
Reverse-engineering your dreams
Breaking down the high-level milestones
Identify the action items for each of your intentions / dreams
Prioritizing & organizing your actions items
The power of quarterly goal setting
Putting it All Together

Mapping Out Your Plan

Step Four Introduction
Mapping out your plan
Ensuring your goals align with your season of life
Visual planning
Accepting help from others

Tracking Your Progress

Step Five Introduction
See how far you’ve come
Getting clear on where you are in your journey
Methods of tracking progress

Celebrating Your Wins

Step Six Introduction
Celebrating your wins
Brainstorming rewards
Defining your rewards & celebrations

Putting it all together

You’ve made it, congratulations!

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