YouTube “The Blueprint” How I made over 100k in Just 2 years

YouTube "The Blueprint" How I made over 100k in just 2 years
My Tips and Secrets that got me from a Complete Beginner to Earning over 100K in just 2 years!

What you will learn

How to Plan your channel, what It should be about

Understand How YouTube works, How to rank your videos to be seen

What Equipment do you need to get started

How much Money do you need to get started

Step-by-step How to set up a brand new channel

Step-by-step How to customise your channel with your personal branding

Explaining the YouTube Studio and how to make the most of this tool

Making your First Video! – What you need to know!

How to make the Perfect Video – My tips and Secrets

Uploading to YouTube – A step-by-step guide

Understanding the importance of SEO and How you should correctly upload your videos

How to grow on YouTube – Find YOUR Audience!

Making Money!! – All the ways to turn your passion into a Business

How to Maximise your income – Using various income streams

Understanding your Analytics – Your greatest tool to success!


Welcome to The Blueprint!

In this course, I will cover everything from being a Complete Beginner on YouTube to Turning it into a Business!

I am a YouTuber who started my mission to become a Full-Time YouTuber just 2 years ago, and in that time I have learned so much, and here I will share it all with you.

I first started a channel 4 years ago and was not successful in gaining an audience, so I quit, However, I still had a passion for making videos and still wanted to be a YouTuber, so I decided to study it, learn everything about it, and obsess over it. When I was ready, I launched my current channel, moved abroad, and chased my dreams of being a Full-Time YouTuber.

Within a couple of months, I was monetised and earning money. Now, it is a Full-Time Business for me, and in the last 2 years I have made over $100,000.

In this course, I will go through absolutely everything I have learned;

Overview – My knowledge of the YouTube Platform and Algorithm.

Planning – Everything you need to know and prepare to launch your channel!

Equipment – We will dive in-depth to look at Cameras, Lights, Microphones, Software, Studio Setup, and explain how much money you need to get started.

Creating a Channel – Step-by-step how to create your channel, and customise it with your personal branding.


The YouTube Studio – The most important tool for understanding your audience, video performance, and how to take your videos to the next level!

Making Videos – I will share my tips and secrets in making the perfect video, and how to constantly improve to master your craft!

Uploading to YouTube – The step-by-step process on how to upload.

How to Grow on YouTube – My Tips, Secrets and best techniques for growing and gaining an audience.

Making Money! – How to make money on YouTube, How to turn YouTube into a Business. This is an in-depth look to the business end, not just on YouTube, but utilising as many platforms as possible to maximise income!

Understanding your Analytics. This is the most important tool to improve your videos, learn about your audience and really understand the direction your channel should take.

Welcome to The Blueprint!

Introduction and Overview on YouTube

Who am I?
How The Course Works – Tips and Tricks
How I Make Money!
Overview on YouTube, The Algorithm and SEO


Who are YOU?
What Videos should you make? – Don’t chase trends!
Personal Branding – Your page look and style
My first Secret Tip! – The importance of BEING the BRAND!


What Gear do you need?
Lighting and Framing
How Much Money do you need?

Create Your Channel!

How to create a channel
Choosing your Look and Branding
Customising your Channel
About Me
Channel Trailer

Your YouTube Studio

How to Upload a Video

Making Videos!

Don’t Overthink – It’s time to LEARN!
Choosing a Topic – Title First!?!?
Should you Script or Storyboard?
Focus on the Story!
Master your Craft!

Uploading to YouTube – What you NEED to get RIGHT!

The MOST Important part. Titles and Thumbnails!
End Screens
Publish, Schedule or Premiere?
Sharing your Video – Don’t make these Mistakes!

How to grow on YouTube

DO NOT DO THESE THINGS!!! – Important mistakes to avoid!
Build a Team!
Connect to your Audience!
Offer the audience Information

Making Money!!

Affiliate Links
Patreon and Memberships
Selling Products and Merchandise

Understanding Your Analytics


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