YouTube Millions: Increase Profits, Views, Monetize, & Rank

What you will learn

7+ Hours & 74 lectures

Secrets to millions of views

Start a Youtube Channel fast

Get more fans and watchtime

Monetize your content & Channel

Make $$$ Without Making Videos

Learn what makes video viral

Increase your sub numbers

Optimize your channel

Secrets, tips and extras

Plus so much more!


YouTube Millions Views Masterclass: Increase Profits, Subscribers, Views and up your SEO Rank


Watch my small YouTube channel hit over +4,000,000 million views and viral videos with over 800,000k views

If your business is not on YouTube you are missing out on the most important medium to get extra sales and traffic to your business. In this class you will be learning how to start your channel fast, monetize your content, promote the videos and get more views. This course dives deep into the technicals and takes them up apart creating simple and easy online tutorials to teach you everything you need to know to jump start your own YouTube Channel.

Get unfair advantage over the competition with this course, learn how to get more views, increase subs naturally and originally, get higher watch time and learn many of the secrets only experts know about YouTube. This class got it all it will help you set up your YouTube channel from scratch fast and also make sure you get all the basics right before your channel takes off. Discover the Secrets of how to make money on Youtube, even without monetization approved. Find the path that is right for you and focus on that direction and it will grow. By the end of this class you will discover many Secret YouTube Strategies that typically take months. if not years to learn how to do. Lots and lots of inside knowledge here about Youtube and all of it is fresh!

Join me on a journey as I show you what is possible even with a small Youtube channel such as mine. I am making over $250-$500+ a month just on YouTube with passive income and you can too! It took me over 1 year of taking YouTube seriously to get to the level of over 7,500+ subs, over 4,000,000 million minutes of watch time and 3 million+ unique video views! Note you need at least 1,000 subs and 4,000 hours in one year to get monetized and this class will help you get to this target as fast as possible.

  In this course you will discover how to


  • Set up your own YouTube Channel FAST

  • Complete Roadmap to your 1st 1000 subs

  • Tons of new content & lectures are included

  • How I went from 1 million to 4 million views fast

  • $$$ Monetize & make money with Youtube $$$

  • Make Money without Making Videos – Amazing!

  • How to get more viewers and engagement the easy way

  • Create simple videos and edit them – Fast and Easy!

  • Find your Personal direction for your Channel

  • and Much, Much More …

This YouTube class has been created to show you that you do not have to be a huge YouTube channel to make money on Youtube. That even a small YouTube channel can make income.  I hope this encourages you to start your own channel as soon as you finish this course. 

Your instructor,

Sergey Kasimov




I’ve been an entrepreneur and ecommerce seller since the year 2001. I have helped and coached thousands of students online and in person and got over 200,000+ students enrolled in all my online classes. I would love to share the secrets of my success with you, it is my personal mission to help get you to be your best. Learn from my experience and expertise so you can take your business to the next level and beyond.



With the paid purchase of this course you get the following…

* Free 15-min GoogleHangout coaching session to help you with any problems you might have with your online business

* Super fast answers to questions ask me course related questions anytime with responses within 24 hours or less

Office hours when I hold 30 min-1 hour free sessions answering any of your questions live



Finish 100% of class and get rewarded with a beautiful certificate that would be emailed to you. Use this to enhance your resume, show proof of expertise or extra curricular training. Print it out and frame it on your wall it is something you should be proud of.



The course comes with a Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee. I am sure you will love this course. With paid purchase you receive lifetime access, any future revisions or additional lectures free of charge plus unlimited instructor support. 




Essentials First

Welcome to the Class
My Youtube Stats
Why Start? Is it too late?
About my channel
Earning Proof & Join Support Group
Get Started Essentials

Getting Started

Vision & Creativity
Start Your Channel
How to Sub to a Channel
Course Navigation
My Channel Stats
Youtube Setup Example
Millions of Youtube Views..!
YouTube Levels, Rewards and words of inspiration
Assignment: Create Channel
Example of Channel Guide

Creating your Channel

YouTube Setup Tutorial
Channel tour, tricks & tips
Branding Your Channel
Create YouTube personality
Hacking YouTube!

Creating, Posting & Filming Content

Filming & Equipment Overview
Uploading Video to Youtube
Being Natural on Camera
Examining My Mistakes
Using TubeBuddy & Add Keywords
Thumbnail: Fast Method
Thumbnail: Step By Step
Setup Video Premiere

Increase Views, Branding & Adding Subs

My Secrets to million+ of views
First Viral Video [250,000+ Views]
Increase Video Views: Viral Secrets
Adding a branding logo
Viso App Benefits
Get more Subs
Auto Sub Link

$$$ Make Money with Youtube $$$

How much I made $$$
Monetize your channel
Ways to Profit with Youtube
Increase your ad revenue
Make $$$ Without Making Videos
Joining a Network: Cons & Pros
Why join a network

Monetization Troubleshooting

Demonetization & Censored Videos!
Video Demonetized! What to do…
Restricted & Limited Ads

Get trending, Spy on competition & Clickbait

Finding Trending Topics
Trend Video & Respond to Comments
Channel Experimentation
Spy on your competitors
Clickbait in depth analysis
Keyword SEO Tool
Profit With Reviews

Youtube SEO Boost & Ranking

Adding Hashtags #

Advanced Concepts

Video End Screen
COPPA Law Compliance
Adding music to videos
Create a poll

Ideas for your Channel

Tips to Start
Become a Prankster
Funny Dog Videos
Viral Cat Videos
Test Drive Cars

Case Studies

Case Study #1
Case Study #2
Case Study #3

Extras Content

Congratulations great job
Links & Favorite Channels


Bonus Lecture: Special Offers

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