What is Impact Investing?

Your Meaningful Engagement, Investing Strategy and Career Path

What you will learn

Impact Investing and essentials about the sector

What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

How to Get a Job in Impact Investing? Exploring Impact Investing Career Path

How to Invest With Impact? Practical Investment Examples & Investment Strategy

How to make a change with your personal lifestyle?


Impact Investing. What is it? How and why to join the sector? How are impact investments connected to SDGs? How to build a career in the impact investing sector?

This course introduces the fundamentals of impact investing and developing a personal engagement strategy that drives positive impact. You’ll explore Sustainable Development Goals in detail and get advices on how you can create an impact in your life and other people’s lives. You will get inspired by various practical impact investment examples and learn how to invest with impact effectively and reduce investment risk.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a clear understanding of the impact investing sector, learn how you could follow an impact investing career path and how to transform your personal lifestyle to create positive change on our planet.

Impact investing can provide an opportunity for investors to generate financial returns that are comparable to traditional investments, while also contributing to positive social and environmental outcomes. The global impact investment market has grown from $114 billion in 2017 up to $1.1 trillion in 2022 (according to the Global Impact Investor Network).
And this is a new ocean of possibilities, which you can discover to be successful, happy, and fulfilled as a professional, investor and individual.


1. Introduction to Impact Investing

a. Impact investing definition, core characteristics

b. Impact entrepreneurs. Stories of success

c. Impact investing in capital spectrum

2. Sustainable Development Goals

a. SDGs, definition

b. Connecting impact investing themes with SDGs

c. How to incorporate SDGs in your life. Practical advice to investors, entrepreneurs, and private persons

3. Impact Investing in the Practice Across Asset Classes

a. Cash & Fixed Income

b. Private Equity

c. Hybrid instruments

d. Real assets

4. Impact Investing Career

a. Your decisions matter to our Planet and People

b. Career path in Impact Investing

c. Value-based investing

As the world is facing multiple global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change and more. Impact investors aim to achieve a positive impact through investments in areas such as affordable housing, education, healthcare, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and so on. Impact investing can be an important tool for helping to address these challenges and achieve sustainable development goals. It is growing in popularity as investors become more aware of the potential for their investments to drive positive change.

Designed by:

Sveta Banerjee, Founder & CEO of Impact Investing Solutions, recognised impact investing expert and practitioner, TV show presenter, business mentor and entrepreneur. Sveta will be your instructor during this course.

Sergei Ponomarev, PhD in Political Science, certified expert in the field of social entrepreneurship and impact measurement with more than 20 years of experience. Sergei is specialised in social engineering, education and consulting for impact startups.





What is impact investing

What is Impact Investing
Sustainable Development Goals
Impact Investing in the Practice Across Asset Classes
Impact Investing Career Path

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