Weight Loss Class, MODULE 03 : Diet Trend

The impact of each diet trend on weight loss

What you will learn

Understand how to select certain type of diet for weight loss

Understand the benefit of each diet trend

Understand the drawback of each diet trend

Understand how certain diet trend can help improve the weight loss program


The prevalence of obesity is increasing worldwide and it has been estimated that a total of 107.7 million children and 603.7 million adults worldwide were obese in 2015. This nutritional problem needs to be addressed because and it was responsible for an increasing economic and health burden. Effective actions to prevent weight gain promote weight gain among individuals with overweight and obesity are increasingly necessary. In order to achieve that, a lifestyle-based weight loss programs, which include an energy-restricted diet and increased physical activity, are by far the most commonly used weight loss methods.

This class is prepared to enable the students learn about the concept of body weight management. The whole class is separated into 3 modules.

  1. MODULE 01: How to control energy metabolism and appetite
  2. MODULE 02 : The Application of weight loss program
  3. MODULE 03 : Dietary trend for weight loss

In this third module, you will learn about variety of diet trend that has been circulating in the past few years. You will learn about the benefit and the drawback of each diet. There will be an explanation whether this diet is more beneficial in reducing weight loss than the standard low calorie diet. This section also could help you understand the condition in which certain diet is not suitable for certain individuals.

All in all, this module is aimed to help you select certain diet based on individual needs of each clients. Althoug the standard low calorie diet is preferable in term of its sustainability and suitability to clients lifestyle, certain diet might provide faster results in specific condition. This section hopefully could help you personalized dietary treatment to clients based on their needs, preferences and goals.

This class is tought by Harry Freitag LM, PhD, RD. He is a researcher, teacher, dietitian and content creators who already publlished several scientific reports and books around obesity, diet and weight loss program.



Introduction to Weight Loss Class

How to choose the right diet trend
Examining each diet trend
Why complying to a low calorie diet could be difficult

Ketogenic Diet

Body fat metabolism and fat intake
The concept of ketogenic diet
Food for ketogenic diet
How ketogenic diet help individual lose weight
When to use and when not to use keto diet

Vegan Diet

Introduction to Vegan Diet
How vegan diet help weight loss
Pros and Cons of Vegan Diet
How vegan diet improve metabolism
Risk of deficiency in vegan diet

Mediterranean Diet

Can Mediterranean Diet help lose weight

Paleo Diet

Introduction to Paleo Diet
The danger of food processing
Food selection for Paleo Diet
The downside of Paleo Diet

Intermittent Fasting Diet

The concept of fasting and feeding
Introduction to the intermittent fasting diet

Appetite control

How to assess if someone has a problem with appetite


Selecting the right diet

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