Use ChatGPT To Create & Sell High Ticket Course Programs

Discover the proven system for high ticket course sales

What you will learn

Discover the exciting world of high ticket courses

Learn how to determine your best customer for your high ticket course

Learn how to develop an irresistible high ticket course program

Learn the best ways to market your course to make high ticket course sales


If you’d like to get started in the online course business the RIGHT way, or if you’re tired of receiving low amounts of money for your hard-earned life experiences, then this just may be the course for you.

In this course, Dave Espino walks you through his proven system for generating high ticket course sales (anywhere from $997 to $20,000 per client) and shows you his system for doing so.

From the very beginning, Dave shows you how to begin with your perfect customer avatar and then determine what your highest and best service can be for them.

Then, Dave will walk you through how to design and “engineer” the perfect high ticket course offer for that client, so that your offer is irresistible to them and you make the sale.

You’ll also learn 2 ways to use ChatGPT to create your core training and you’ll learn 2 ways to easily record your course.

Lastly, Dave will show you his proven system for marketing your course using low cost ads that generate a very high return on ad spend.

You get the entire system that Dave’s using to generate high ticket course sales in this power-packed, yet concise course.

This is easily a valuable resource for you if you are serious about creating and selling online courses.




Introduction – Why High Ticket Courses?

YES – You CAN Create A High Ticket Course Program!

Yes, you CAN create and sell a High Ticket program using AI & ChatGPT

Dave’s System For Creating A Course FAST With ChatGPT + Screenpal

Create Your Course Using ChatGPT and ScreenPal

How To Easily Record Your Course – Using Slides Or Presenting To Camera

Let’s record your course!

Your Customer Avatar – Your Ideal Client That You Can Help At The Highest Level

Determining Your Ideal Client So You Can Serve Them Best

Low Ticket Courses vs. High Ticket Courses – Why Start With High Ticket?

Low Ticket Courses VS. High Ticket Courses – Why Start With High Ticket?

Creating Your High Ticket Course Program and Offer

Creating your high ticket offer and course program, step-by-step.



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