Unleash Your Mental Math Potential:Become a Human Calculator

Mental Math, Number Theory, Cool Math Tricks, Calculate Faster than Abacus, Number Theory, Linear Algebra Calculations

What you will learn

Arithmetic Calculations will be done by using the mind

The calculations will be faster even faster than a Calculator or Abacus Method

Easy to learn the tricks in each category of Arithmetics

Examples and Questions are provided to become a master in Mental Math


Mental Math – Pre Algebra – Vedic Maths – Cool Math Games by Bazeer Ahamed Mohamed Nishad

Human mind is the fastest calculator ever than the latest computer invented. But naturally we don’t use its power. But if we practice and train our brain we can activate our brain cells to work faster. In our arithmetic calculations we don’t have to use a calculator. Even the course is designed to solve the arithmetic problems mentally without using a pen and a paper.

The course has the following techniques in mastering mental math.

  • Addition Techniques : We have learnt to use the Right to Left arithmetic which needs a pen and paper to write down the problems. But here we have a technique solve arithmetic addition by using Left to Right Arithmetic. This method is useful to calculate faster even faster than abacus.
  • Subtraction Techniques : Subtraction can be easily done by making subtractions as additions.
  • Multiplication Techniques : It has some auxiliary categories to solve multiplications problems. The techniques are used to solve them faster by providing each technique to each sub category.
  • Division Techniques : This has the division techniques of dividing by 2, 4, 5, 8 and 25. These techniques are giving quick solutions for the division problems.
  • Squaring Techniques : In here we will learn about how to square a number ending with 5 and how to square a near number from a known number.
  • Rooting Techniques : Here, a simple way to find out the root is given. This will give a quick results of finding the root of a number.
  • Mirror Technique (Bonus Technique) : This is a bonus technique. If we are going to multiply two numbers which are mirror to a third number we can easily find the multiplication of the two numbers.

Now, learn this course on your native language. This course is available with subtitles in 11 different languages such as Arabic, English (US), French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Tamil, Turkishand Urdu. More subtitles are coming soon!


This is like playing cool math games. Because math is very cool if we know the techniques to solve them. Abacus may be hard to learn. But, these short cut methods will make you more interest in cool maths. To solving algebraic problems you don’t need to use the calculator here after. In this course your mathematics will be a math playground. After studying this course and practice the exercises given here you can become a master in Mental Math. Because this course has the techniques in How to solve arithmetic problems in Mind. This is a Pre Algebra Faster than Abacus Course. By learning this, probably you don’t have to learn abacus. Because, these techniques will help you to solve the problems in your mind faster than abacus. I strongly suggest you to enroll this course and work on the examples. Thus, you can be a human calculator. This methods are very useful for me to become a faster mental math calculator.

Please share this course to your friends and family so that they can also become Human Calculators.

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Introduction to Mental Math Faster Than Abacus How to Become a Human Calculator

Introduction to Mental Math- How to Become a Human Calculator Faster Than Abacus

Addition Techniques – Left to Right Arithmetic Calculators Faster than Abacus

Addition Technique – LEFT TO RIGHT ARITHMETIC – Pre Algebra Speed Mental Trick
Add the following numbers by using the Left to Right Arithmetic Technique Soon

Subtraction Techniques – Rounding up and Rounding Down Technique to subtract

Subtraction Techniques – Rounding up and Rounding Down Subtraction Technique
Solve the following problems in Subtraction by using the Technique.

Multiplication Techniques – Speed Calculations of Numbers – Number Theory – Fast

Multiplication Techniques ( 0 – 9 ) Numbers
0 – 9 Multiplication Problems
Multiplying By 11
Multiplying by 11 Problems
Multiplying by the numbers between ( 12 – 19 )
Multiplying (12 – 19) Numbers
Multiplying any 2 digit number by 2 digit number
Multiply any 2 Digit Number
Multiplying by the numbers between ( 91 – 99 )
Multiplying by (99 – 100)
Multiplying by ( 101 – 110 )
Multiplying by 111 and more
Multiplying by more than 100

Division Techniques to Divide Numbers such as 2, 4, 5, 8 and 25

Division Techniques
Solve the problems in Division

Squaring Techniques to obtain quick squares of Numbers. Faster Calc Methods

Squaring Techniques
Find the Squares of the following numbers

Rooting Techniques

Rooting Techniques
Find the roots of the following numbers

Bonus Technique – Mirror Technique to Find the Multiplication of two numbers

Mirror Technique
Solve the problems by using the Mirror Technique

Conclusion – Practice these techniques daily to calculate faster than abacus



Exercise Video – Downloadable
Lecture Notes All Techniques in One PDF

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