Understanding Ripple as Cryptocurrency

The course is structured to equip learners with a deep understanding of Ripple (XRP).

What you will learn

Exploring the factors influencing Ripple’s functionality.

Understanding the essential elements comprising the Ripple platform.

Practical guidance on setting up Ripple wallets and choosing exchanges.

Significance of cryptocurrency market capitalization.


This comprehensive course, “Understanding Ripple as Cryptocurrency,” is structured to equip learners with a deep understanding of Ripple (XRP). The course covers a broad range of topics, from introducing Ripple as a cryptocurrency to delving into its technical aspects and practical applications. Here’s an overview of the course content:

Section 1: Introduction

Overview of Ripple as a cryptocurrency, its purpose, and significance.

Section 2: Getting Started

  • Historical perspective on the evolution of Ripple.
  • Highlighting the distinctions between Bitcoin and Ripple.
  • Examining the pros and cons of Ripple.
  • A comparative analysis of Ripple and Stellar.

Section 3: How Ripple Works

  • Exploring the factors influencing Ripple’s functionality.
  • In-depth insights into the mechanics of Ripple.
  • Understanding the essential elements comprising the Ripple platform.
  • Examining how Ripple addresses different challenges.

Section 4: How to Setup Ripple Wallets and Exchanges

  • Practical guidance on setting up Ripple wallets and choosing exchanges.
  • A review of widely used Ripple wallet options.

Section 5: Coin Payments and Toast Wallet


  • Deep dive into popular Ripple wallet choices.
  • Step-by-step explanation of the payment process.
  • Comprehensive guide on setting up Toast Wallet.
  • Continuation of the Toast Wallet setup.
  • Understanding the concept of Coin Payments.
  • Exploring different functionalities within Coin Payments.

Section 6: Bittrex and Ripple Exchanges

  • Identification of prominent exchanges for Ripple.
  • Learning about ShapeShift and its relevance.
  • Understanding the Bittrex exchange.
  • Exploration of various options in Ethereum exchange.
  • Insights into investment and trading strategies for Ripple.
  • Knowledge about trading within the finance domain.
  • Understanding the process of buying cryptocurrency with Chandelle.

Section 7: Fundamental Analysis for Investment

  • Introduction to fundamental analysis in the context of cryptocurrency.
  • Significance of cryptocurrency market capitalization.
  • Utilizing Coin Checkup as a tool for investment decisions.
  • Understanding the functions of trading pairs.
  • Practical example illustrating leverage trading.
  • Engaging in a discussion on technical analysis.

Section 8: Range and Trends

  • Understanding the concept of support and resistance.
  • Exploration of suitable time frames for trading.
  • Gaining knowledge about trading ranges and trends.
  • Understanding the role of moving averages in trading.
  • Delving into the concept of Exponential Moving Average (EMA).
  • Understanding the principles of weighted moving averages.

Section 9: Willinger Bank and Fibonacci Indicator

  • Explaining the Willinger Bank indicator and its application.
  • Discussing relevant aspects of financial websites.
  • Understanding moving average conversion divergence (MACD).
  • Gaining insights into the application of the Fibonacci indicator.
  • Further exploration of the Fibonacci indicator.

Section 10: Evaluating the Popular Oscillators

  • Discussing commonly used oscillators in cryptocurrency trading.
  • Understanding the Stochastic Oscillator and its analysis.
  • Exploring the True Strength Oscillator.
  • Application of technical indicators in the stock exchange.
  • Understanding risk management strategies in Ripple trading.
  • Explanation of the concept of faucets in cryptocurrency.
  • Summarizing key points and concluding insights.

This course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Ripple, covering technical aspects, practical applications, and strategic approaches to trading and investing in Ripple. The diverse topics covered, including fundamental and technical analyses, setup procedures, and real-world case studies, contribute to a well-rounded educational experience in the domain of Ripple and cryptocurrency.


Introduction to Ripple as a Cryptocurrency

Getting Started

Learning the Evolution of Ripple
Key difference between Bitcoin and Ripple
Advantages and Disadvantages of Ripple
Difference between Ripple and Stellar

How Ripple works

Factors on How Ripple Works
More on How Ripple Works
Three Elements to Ripple Platform
Ripple as Solution for Various Problems

How to setup Ripple Wallets and Exchanges

Setting up Ripple Wallets and Exchanges
Discussion on Popular Ripple Wallets

Coin payments and toast wallet

Understanding popular ripple wallets
Method of sending payment
Setting up Toast wallet
Setting up Toast wallet continues
Concept of Coin Payments
Various options in coin Payments

Bittrex and Ripple Exchanges

Popular Ripple Exchanges
Shape shift for Cryptocurrency
Learning Bittrex Exchange
Different Options in Ethereum Exchange
Investing and Trading Ripple
Learning Trading in Finance
Buying Cryptocurrency with Chandelle

Fundamental Analysis for Investment

Understanding the Fundamental Analysis
Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization
Coin Checkup For Investment
Functions of Trading Pairs
Example Of Leverage Trading
Discussion on Technical Analysis
Understanding the Types of Charts

Range and Trends

Support and Resistance Concept
Time Frame for Trading
Learning Range and Trends
Moving Average Indicator
Ema Exponential Moving Average
Weighted Moving Average

Willinger Bank and Fibonacci indicator

Understanding the Willinger Bank Indicator
Discussion on the Finance Website
Moving Average Conversion Diversion
Learning About the Fibonacci Indicator
More on Fibonacci Indicator

Evaluating the Popular Oscillators

Discussion on the Popular Oscillators
Analyzing on the Stochastic Oscillator
True Strength Oscillator
Stock Exchange Through Technical Indicators
Risk Management Related To Ripple
Faucet In Terms Of Cryptocurrency
Conclusion to Ripple as Cryptocurrency

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