Understand the mind-numbing e and log

The clearest explanation on e and logarithm! An intuitive way to learn complicated math!

What you will learn

Learn what e means, how to analyze e using binomial theorem, how to compute it and how to use e to express any natural change.

Learn what log means, how to compute any log manually.

Understand the relationships between log and e, and how to use that relationship to solve any exponential problem.

Learn real life application of e and log in carbon dating technique.


Are you currently studying log and e and find the concepts confusing? Are you seeking better resources to help you understand the topics? Are you curious about the real life application? Or are you familiar with applications of e and log but want to gain a solid understanding about them? Then this course is for you! It’s a spinoff from our bigger project of learning math through stock price modeling. The repeated occurrences of e and log in real life applications remind us that understanding them will be crucial in understanding most modern techniques. So we decide to make it a separate course to help anyone who are struggling with the subjects. Our course offers the best explanations on e and log.

It clearly explains what e means, how to analyze it, and how to compute it. It also explains what log means and how to compute any log by hand! Then it talks about the relationship between e and log and how to use that relationship to solve real world problems!

We are confident that our content is the best because we understand why most materials are failing: because several different concepts are mixed together. That’s why when we developed this course, we focused on peeling the topics into the basic components. This way, we can explain each component clearly and later on the intertwining relationships can be illustrated easily.





What is e

What does e mean
How to analyze e I — Binomial theorem
How to analyze e II — Binomial theorem
How to compute e
How to use e to express changes

What is log

What is log
How to compute log

Relationship between e and log

How to use the relationship between e and log
Application in carbon dating

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