The History of Secret Societies

An Introduction to the Hidden World that has determined much of human history

What you will learn

Students will leave the course with a functional knowledge of the history of Secret Societies and their influence

Students who take the honor version of the course will have a deeper knowledge regarding a given Secret Society


There has never been a time when concern among people about hidden groups possibly ruling the world has been higher.  This is a rigorous course that looks at what we know about secret orders, hidden fraternities and the effects they have had since the dawn of modern man.  This is a foundations level course that looks at secret societies from preliterate times to the present and examines the evidence for their powerful effects on human societies through the ages.




Module One Lecture
First Quiz

Module Two

Module Two Impromptu Leture
Module Two Lecture

Module Three

Module Three Impromptu Lecture
Module Three Lecture
Secret Societies in the Ancient World

Module Four

Module Four Impromptu Lecture
Module Four Lecture

Module Five

Module Five Impromptu Lecture
Module Five Lecture
Quiz Module Five

Module Six

Module Six Impromptu Lecture
Module Six Lecture

Module Seven

Module Seven Impromptu Lecture
Module Seven Lecture
Final Examination

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