The Essentials of a Spiritual Awakening

Insights on a spiritual awakening and self-realization and how to get there.

What you will learn

Understand the body & mind & soul construction

Insights on spiritual awakening

Keys to a spiritual awakening

Life after an awakening


I created this quest about the Essentials of a Spiritual Awakening to give you insights on a spiritual awakening and self-realization and how to get there.

I want to inspire you to realize your true self and how you, me and we all are connected and creating this earthly human experience together.

The evolution of the humankind is about to take a leap.

Our nervous system becomes more and more sophisticated and aware.

Evolving of our nervous system lets life express itself in a more highly way in us.

This leap could be compared to a period in the evolution, when the species landed from living under the water to living on land.

My mission is to bring you insights on awakening and possibly gently help you towards to your awakening and even through.

In this quest, we are going to cover questions like;

Why should I become awake?

How can I become awake?

What does it feel like?

Is it worth it, or is it boring?

Will I be happier? Will I get better?

How does my life change after becoming awake?

Can others see it in me?

And – What next?

My name is Arya Hemmi and I live in Rovaniemi in the Arctic Circle, the most beautiful and exotic city in Lapland and Finland.

I became spiritually awake in 2015.

I see you and I respect you – and warmly invite you to my quest and become a conscious creator in this amazing adventure called life.




Introduction to this quest
1.1. The Essentials of a Spiritual Awakening
1.2. About Spiritual Awakening
1.3. About Arya
1.4. Join the facebook group
1.5. Refreshing Meditation

Body, mind and emotions

Mapping state of awareness
2.1.a Identification, part one
2.1.b Identification, part two
2.2.a Four mindsets, part one
2.2.b Four mindsets, part two
2.2.c Four mindsets, part three
2.2.d Four mindsets, part four
2.3. Mindset levels in areas of our lives KUVA
2.4. Stories we tell about ourselves
2.5. The role of religion


3.1. Soul’s dark night
3.2. From the map to uncharted
3.3. Leap of faith
3.4. Awakening

New horizons

4.1. Transformation has happened
4.2. Conscious creating and evolution

Thank you

5.1. The end is a new beginning
5.2. Until next time

Additional content

Meditation – Loving energy from the universe
Meditation – Energize


Never give up

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