The Easiest Python Course for Beginners – Python in one week

Easily learn python in just one week even without any background in programming.

What you will learn

Understanding and applying basic programming syntax like variables, print statements etc

Applying iterations and conditionals like if-elif statements and loops

Learn the basics object oriented programming

Learn to use file input output and user input output


If you have no programming background but still want to learn Python programming, there is no better course for you than this.

I started programming when I was 12 and have learnt various programming courses over the past two decades. Everything I have learnt over the past two decades, I have put into designing this course for absolute beginners. As long as you know the basics of  how to operate a computer you will be able to easily learn how to code in Python within a week through this course.

This course is for anyone with a passion for learning and growing. I have taken out all the complicated terms and jargons for you. Finally, programming has been demystified for everyone with an interest in starting their coding journey. You can be a programmer too within a week.

Python has been one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world for quite a few years now. The rate as which fields like artificial intelligence is growing is truly unprecedented. Python lies at the heart of AI, machine learning, computer vision etc. The rate at which humanity is accumulating data is far outpacing our ability to process it. Therefore, demand for Python programmers is far outpacing the supply of Python programmers. If you ever wanted to learn how to code in Python, now is a better time than ever.




Course Structure

Course Setup

Downloading and installing Visual Studio Code
Installing Python in Visual Studio Code. Setting up Virtual Environment.
Coding Python online using Google Colaboratory

Print statements

The basics of print statements
Variables and mathematical operations in print statements
String processing in print statements

Built-in data types in Python


Errors and exceptions

Runtime Errors and Exception Handling


If-elif-else statements
Nested conditionals


For and while loops
Nested loops


Declaring, initializing and using functions


File input output
User input output


String processing


Importing and using built-in modules
Installing external modules


Constructing and initializing classes
Constructing, initializing and using objects

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