The Complete Punctuation Course: English Writing – Grammar

English Punctuation and Grammar, English Writing and Business Writing Mastery

What you will learn

A detailed a thorough knowledge of English punctuation.

To write (and speak) English with more confidence.


This Udemy course gives you, the English language learner, a complete overview of English punctuation.

This course will give you the ability to understand English better and the confidence to write (and speak) English more fluently.

This English punctuation and writing course is taught by two world-renowned communications trainers, TJ Walker and Derek Smith

Message from Derek Smith:

My name is Derek, I’m a native Brit and qualified and experienced TEFL/TESOL trainer.

I have been teaching English to adults for over 10 years and look forward to using technology to reach a wider audience.

I have a neutral accent which is clear and easy to understand.

Downloadable PDFs for each lesson will form a valuable resource collection for you.

Where there are differences between UK and US punctuation usage, these are explained in the lesson.

We also have a free Facebook group that you are welcome to join. It gives a more sheltered environment to ask any questions you may have. This is, of course, in addition to the course Q&A section.

The course is not designed to be accessed in sequence but takes more of a pick and mix approach.

I encourage you to ask questions if you feel that something has not been fully or clearly explained. You will get an answer and, if necessary, the course material will be updated. Depending on the answer, I will add a new lesson to the course.

Here is a brief summary of the course benefits for you:

  • Native speaker
  • Experienced and qualified teacher
  • Neutral and easy to understand accent
  • Lessons structured for easy access
  • Downloadable resources for each lesson
  • Free Facebook group
  • Valid for UK and US English
  • Updates as required by the learners
  • Udemy 30-day refund policy

How many of your boxes did I tick?

This is the English punctuation and writing course you need. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Message from TJ Walker

I have been teaching executives around the globe to deliver presentations in English for the last 30 years. Most people, even native English speakers, are insecure about their English grammar. You can become an accomplished speaker and communicator and know that you are using excellent English Grammar every time you speak.

Derek is one of the top English grammar instructors in the world and I am proud to be teaching this course with him. He has the English and European sensibility down perfectly. And I have been living in and working in the United States my entire life. When you put us together, it is a powerful combination designed to help you become a master at English grammar and communication.

Good luck, and I hope to see you inside the course!

This Punctuation course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: English writing – punctuation – English writing course – writing – English – grammar – English grammar – punctuation mastery – English punctuation. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: proofreading – writing editing – business writing – English grammar.



You Can Show Mastery of English Punctuation and Grammar Quickly
Here Is Why You Should Take this Punctuation Course
Quick Win! Here’s Where You Place the Comma
Sentence Enders – learn the different ways to end a sentence and why it matters
The Full Stop. Learn about the most common way to end a sentence.
The Exclamation Mark! Learn how to add emotion or urgency to your writing!
The Question Mark? Did I mention that this is used at the end of questions?
Pauses and Breaks – learn about these important punctuation marks
Commas (,) – learn how to use them correctly every time.
The Oxford Comma – a special case with interesting consequences
Semicolons (;) – learn how to correctly use this punctuation mark.
Colons (:) – learn how to correctly use this punctuation mark.
Colon Misuse – see how not to use a colon and learn how to correct the mistake
The Comma Splice – learn what it is and how to correct it
The Ellipsis (…) – learn about the uses and meanings of this punctuation sign.
Connectors and Dividers – learn about how sentences are split and combined
Hyphens (-)
Dashes (–)
Slashes (/)
Apostrophes (‘)
Quotation Marks (”) and (“”)
Brackets () [] {} – different types of brackets have different uses.
Other Symbols – learn about other symbols used in writing
The Ampersand (&)
The Asterisk (*)
Each At (@)
The Hash Sign (#)
Fun Stuff – a reward for all your hard work – enjoy
Tenses and Aspects
Tenses and Aspects Section – a detailed look at this important aspect of writing
Present Simple
Present Continuous
Present Perfect
Present Perfect Continuous
Past Simple
Past Continuous
Past Perfect
Past Perfect Continuous
Future Simple
Future Continuous
Future Perfect
Future Perfect Continuous
Examples with Contractions – a detailed explanation
Nouns Section – all the important noun information that writers need to know
Common and Proper Nouns – an important distinction when writing
Capitalisation – not as simple as you might think
Pronouns – they’re all covered in this lesson
… and I or … and me – a simple trick to get it right every time
Articles Section – a look at what you can expect in the section on articles
The Definite Article – the
Indefinite Articles – a and an
The Zero Article – or no article at all
Miscellaneous Section – a collection of important topics
Dependent and Independent Clauses – learn this important distinction
Reported Speech – not directly quoting but indirectly telling
Tag Questions – a common thing in English that seems strange at first
Adverb Overuse – learn how to improve this sign of weak writing
Word Stress and Intonation – the importance of stress and intonation
Word Order – the importance of word order – it makes a difference
Bonus! Now that You Know Grammar, It’s time to Put those Skills to Work Speaking
Now It Is Time to Put Your Grammar Skills to Work In Presentations, Interviews
Bonus Lecture
Quick Wins! Appear to Speak Without Notes, Practice Techniques, and How to Start
Save Your Time and Energy By Using The Course This Way
You Can Fulfill Your Exact Public Speaking Goals Once You Identify Them
Use the Eye Contact Tricks of the Masters
Learn to Like and Even Love the Sound of Your Own Voice
Starting Your Speech At Exactly the Right Spot
Become a Five for Five 100% Speaking Success
A Trick 1000 Times More Effective Than Practicing In Front of A Mirror
Every Great Speaker Uses These…Every Awful Speaker Avoids These
Professional Analysis Of Your Stories Now
Give Life to Ideas With Your PowerPoint, Not Death
Use 1 Idea to Make Your Slides #1
Passing the Ultimate Public Speaking Test With Flying Colors
Testing Your Speech With Focus Groups For Free
More Evidence That Your Speech Is Working
More Is Sometimes More When It Comes To Public Speaking
Conclusion to the Core Section of This Public Speaking Course
Road Map to the Rest of the Course
If You Are a Complete Beginner, You Can Start Here
These Simple Secrets Will Make You Look Like a Public Speaking Veteran
You Will Never Have to Be Scared, Even Though Everybody Else Is
This Is How You Get Your Audience to Do What You Want
Unlock the Keys to Motivating Your Audience
Getting Feedback the Right Way to Make You Stronger
Mastering the Easiest Public Speaking Technique of All
Your Picture Will Be Worth More The a 1000 Words
Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
You Can Pass the Ultimate Test
Extra – Tips on How to Get Over Nervousness and Being Scared
The Body Language of Public Speaking
Never Let These Two Classic Body Language Blunders Slow You Down
Your Nerves Will Never Show Again in the Workplace
You’ll Never Fall for These Body Language Myths Again
Here Is Exactly What to Do With Your Hands
The Composed, Confident Video Star
Never Spotlight Your Blunders and Mistakes Again
You are Now Ready for Prime Time TV
The Number 1 Tip for Curing Body Language Problems Is…
The Real Way to Improve Your Body Language Confidence
Great Body Language for Your Presentations
PowerPoint Will Never Turn You Into a Robotic Bore Again
Confident Briefing to Colleagues and Others
Keynote Speeches Will Showcase Your Calm and Confidence
Use a TelePrompTer Like a Network News Anchor
Once Last Chance for a Body Language Personal Critique….
Making Sure Your Clothes Are Communicating Your Positive Story
Your Body Language Partner – The Friendly Spotter
Let’s Get Rid of the Verbal Tics, Uh, Um, Err, Ya Know Right Now
Master the Quickest, Easiest Way to Eliminate Verbal Tics
Now You Know Where the Tics Come From
You Are Not Alone
Hit the Pin, Not the Sand Trap
Don’t Let the Ding A Ling Get You
Eliminating the Source of Your Speaking Discomfort Once and For All
Appear More Confident By Using Smaller Words
You Will Avoid the Data Dump Blues
Never Worry About Remembering Again
The Number 1 Tip for Eliminating Nerves
A Focus Group To Make You Better
Public Speaking On Video
The Video Advantage In All Your Proposals – Quick Win!
Hype Versus Reality – Why Most People Never Create Simple Video
Mastering the Human Side Of Looking and Sounding Your Best on Video
How This course Will Improve Your Business
Your Proposals will Stand Head and Shoulders Above Your Competitors
Your Clients Will Find You Their Most Responsive Partner Ever
Your Website Can Be Video-Centric
Now You Can Answer Frequently Asked Questions Just Once!
Talk Your Customers Through Your Whole Business Process
Have an Even Greater Presence on YouTube
Speak Your Thought Leadership
Your Exciting Video Newsletters Will Outshine Text Newsletters
Facebook Live Will Never Scare You Again
Project Your Best Face on Skype and Zoom
Deliver Keynote Speeches Without Ever Leaving Home
Supercharge Your Public Relations Efforts With Video
The Crisis Communications Secret Weapon
Drastically Reduce Your Time Training Employees and Others
Eliminate Your Fear of Public Speaking
Before We Start, Here is the #1 Tip to Improving Your Communication Skills
Eliminating Speaking Anxiety
Avoid Fake Solutions That Don’t Work
The Process of Eliminating Fear
The Fear of Boring
Rehearse Your Presentation On Video
Cheat the System
Practice Makes…Comfortable
The Confident Speaker’s Attitude
Long-term Speaking Goals and Conclusion
Public Speaking On Conference Calls (Doesn’t seem like public speaking, but is)
Never Confuse Personal Phone Use with Business Telephone Use Again
Why Your Phone is the Best Secret Business App Ever
Planning Your Successful Phone Environment
Final Preparation for Your Successful Phone Meetings
Making Sure Your Phone Passes Your Friend Test
Planning for Winning Conference Calls
Look Prime Time Ready for Your Video Calls
Placing Phone Calls Like the Consummate Professional
Always Knowing the Best Time to Call Clients and Prospects
Now You will Never Wake Up a Client in the Middle of the Night
Answering the Phone so Everybody Knows You are Ready for Business
Your Clients Will Never Think You are Screaming At Them Again
Knowing How to Sound Your Very Best – Every Time
Being a Professional to Every Generation, Regardless of Your Own Preferences
Best Voicemail Messages for Success
Take 1, Take 2, Take 3 Until You Get It Right
Never Be Busy for Clients and Bosses Again
Making Your Phone Disappear At the Perfect Moments
Better Than the Best Hollywood Goodbyes
PowerPoint Presentations Don’t Have To Be Awful If You Follow These Techniques
You Will always Deliver a Great Speech, The PowerPoint is Beside the Point
It is Your Presentation, Not a PowerPoint Presentation
A Guaranteed 2-Part Test for Your Slides
How You Will Never Use Your PowerPoint Slides as a Teleprompter
Advanced PowerPoint and Visuals
Final Thoughts on PowerPoint
Storytelling Is the Public Speakers Best Friend
You Already Know How to Tell Stories
Stories Are the Most Important Part of Great Speeches
How to Make Your Stories About Something Important
Here Is How You Establish the Setting for Your Story?
Share Your Emotions When telling Your Stories
Your Speaking Stories Must Contain Dialogue
What Characters and Conflicts are in Your Story?
Storytelling Conflict
Your Story Must have a Resolution
Don’t Tell Stories, Instead Re-Live Stories
Feedback from Peers
Share on Social Media
Feedback from Live Audiences
Conclusion to Storytelling
Drastically Reduce How Much Time You Have to Spend Preparing Your Speeches
Let’s Start Saving Time Right Away!
Save Time by Focusing On Your Exact Goal
Faster Ways to Come Up with the Perfect Messages
Tips on Final Preparation of Your 5 Message
Your Examples Will Resonate
Use This Cheat Sheet! Time Management Public Speaking
Create PowerPoint Quickly and Effectively
Final Thoughts on Saving Time
Public Speaking While Using a Teleprompter
Learn the Secret to Communicating Effectively Using a Teleprompter
Video Benchmark
Learn How to Make Self-Corrections So That You Always Look Great
Master the 4 Key Elements That will Make Your Teleprompter Use Seem Effortless
The Perfect Speaking Speed for You
Head Movement
Putting All 4 Together
Use 2 Prompter Screens In a Way that Nobody Will Notice
Full Speech Practice
Politician Role Models
TV Role Models
Potential Disasters
Reasons Not to Use a Teleprompter
Secrets from Reagan
Final Thoughts on the Teleprompter
Become a Professional Speaker And Get Paid to Speak
Presenting Your Message, And Getting Paid for It
Here is How to Pick a Profitable Niche
Be the King of all Media for Your Niche
Develop a Tribe That Will Follow You Into Battle
Making Sure Your Business Model is Profitable
Setting Speaking Fees
Speaker Bureaus
Developing World Class Platform Skills
Advancing Your Professional Speaking Career
Speaking On Skype Video
This is How You Will Communicate on Skype, Google Hangouts, Etc
Tricks for Look Good on Camera – Presentation Skills
Become a Total Professional by Doing These Things
Here is How to Truly Engage Your Audience
Technology for Interaction – Presentation Skills
The Ethical Way of Cheating
Video Versus Slides
This is How Long Your Presentation Should Be
Final Thoughts on Skype and Online Presentations
Speaking to Large Audiences – A Big Fear For Even Confident Speakers
Learn the Secret to Speaking to Large Audiences
Your Fears Will Melt Away, After This
You Will Speak With Perfect Volume, Once You do This
Your Eyes Will Never Look Lost
Pause for Maximum Affect and Impact
Your PowerPoint Will Illuminate, Not Bore
Possible Outcomes
You Will Achieve Your Speaking Goals
Your Stories Will Captivate
It Is Especially Important to Practice On Video Before Big Audience Gigs
Concluding Thoughts On Speaking to Large Audiences
Introducing Yourself -Speaking About Yourself Doesn’t Have to Be Awkward
The Secret to Introducing Yourself
You Will Avoid doing These Things At All Costs
This Is The Right Way for You
Here is the Single Most Important Thing to Do – 1st Video Rehearsal
Friend Feedback
Your Future Great Introductions
TED and TEDx Talks – You Can Deliver!
What Makes a TED Talk
Passion for an Idea Worth Spreading
Tell a Story
Plan Your Visuals
Timing is Everything
Style AND Substance are Essential
Video Rehearsal is the Most Important Step
Great Writers Read Great Writers–Great Speakers Watch Great Speakers
Apply to Speak at TED and Final Thoughts
Give a Winning Sales Presentation
The Secret to Selling When Presenting
Create Winning Sales Messages for Every Presentation
Mastering All Types of Presentations
One on One Presentations Should Be the Easiest for You
Getting Your Prospects to Take Action
You Will Never Commit These 2 Common Blunders
Final Thoughts on Sales Presentations
Public Speaking for Kids
If You Can Have a Conversation With One friend, then You can Be a Good Speaker
Accomplish Your Goals In Every Presentation
Make Sure Your Most Important Ideas Are Remembered
Show What You Care About
Make Your Points Unforgettable – Examples
Use a Cheat Sheet That Will Never Get You in Trouble
1st Video Rehearsal
2nd Video Rehearsal
3rd Video Rehearsal
Final Thoughts on Public Speaking for Kids
Becoming a Motivational Speaker
Your Message Can Move Millions
How to Make Sure You Have a Motivating Message
Finding What Is So Special About You
Years later, They Will Remember Your Story
Your Process Goes Like This
Bringing Clarity to Your Messages
Master Storytelling
YouTube Role Models
Video Rehearse
Video Refine
Show to Others
Put video on YouTube and Facebook
Tell the World
Speaker Bureaus
Conclusion to Motivational Speaking Section
For People Who HATE Public Speaking
The Real Reason Why You Hate Public Speaking-And What You Can Do About It-Now
You Will Accomplish Your Public Speaking Goals
It’s Not About You; It’s About Your Message
You Can Breath Life Into Your Speech By Doing This
Your PowerPoint Will Educate, Not Bore
Use the Ethical Public Speaking Cheat Sheet
You Aren’t going to Like This, But It Is What Matters Most – Video Practice
Concluding Thoughts for People Who Hate Public Speaking
How To Look Like You Never Have to Read a Script or Teleprompter
Become the Speaker That Audiences Look at In Awe
Give Your Memory a Break With This Tip – Focus on 5 Points
You Can Use a cheat Sheet, Ethically!
Walk the Room as If You Own the Room
Learn the #1 Secret to Speaking Success – Video Rehearsal
Final Thoughts On How to Speak Using Notes the Right Way
Public Speaking With a Team – Team Presentations
Each Team Member Must Be Interesting and Memorable – Presentation Skills
Your Presentation Goals Will Be Identified and Accomplished
Spell Out Benefits for Your Audience Public Speaking
These Top 5 Messages Will Help You Connect With The Audience
Don’t Make Your Speech a Data Dump Public Speaking
Time to Assign Topics to Your Team
How Many Points Should Your Presentation Cover Public Speaking
Each Person Must Prepare This Way
Writing a Speech Public Speaking
Group PowerPoint
Magical Phrase for Every Speech Public Speaking
First Rehearsal
How to Eliminate Nervousness for public speaking Public Speaking
Second Rehearsal
How to Avoid Making a Bad Impression during Presentations Public Speaking
Third Rehearsal
Should I Rehearse My Speech and for how long Public Speaking
Conclusion to Team Presentations
Public Speaking On Panels
How to Make a Speech in a Business Setting Public Speaking
Never Blunder the Way Most Panelists Do
How can I find out whether my presentation worked?
Master the Ground Rules So You Will Shine
How to start a speech – Public Speaking
Communicate Effectively By Focusing on Your Top Three Messages
How to Manage Time When Giving a Presentation
Become the Master of the Short Story
How to Make Your Presentation Memorable Public Speaking
Other Tips to Make You Great – Sitting Standing Notes
Public Speaking Rules You Should Never Break Public Speaking
Look at Panelists
How Long Should My Speech Be Public Speaking
Record Actual Presentation
Tell ’em what I’m gonna tell ’em, tell ’em, Public Speaking
Conclusion for Speaking on Panels
How do I know what messages and topics will be Public Speaking
Speaking on the Elevator – Deliver a Great Elevator Pitch
How to Prepare a Speech Public Speaking
Learn the Secret of Great Elevator Pitches
How to Pace a Speech Public Speaking
Accomplish Your Goals After You Deliver Your Pitch
How to Close a Speech Public Speaking
You Will Focus on Your One Big Idea
How to Put Your Audience at Ease Public Speaking
Never Confuse Your Prospect Again
How to Give a Formal Speech Public Speaking
Role Models
The 2 Key Questions You Must Answer
Give Someone a Reason to Want More from You
How to Speak with Confidence Public Speaking
Watch Bad Elevator Pitches
What to Do if You Don’t Like Your Voice Public Speaking
Conclusion to How to Deliver Elevator Pitches
How to Start a Speech with an Icebreaker Public Speaking
Public Speaking Emergencies!
How Many Slides to Put in a PowerPoint Presentation Public Speaking
Focus on Exactly What You Want Your Audience to Do
How Many Bullet Points Should Be on a PowerPoint Slide Public Speaking
Stop This right Now!
Don’t Use Your PowerPoint Slides to Put People to Sleep Public Speaking
These Are the Three Most Important Ideas in Your Presentation
PowerPoint Slides, One idea Per Slide Public Speaking
Your Story Will Make Your Presentation
PowerPoint Presentations Require 2 Separate PowerPoints Public Speaking
Creating a One-page Outline
PowerPoint Presenters Must Focus on Audience, Not Slides Public Speaking
Quickly Rehearse Your Presentation on Video
PowerPoint Presentations, Prepare for Disasters Public Speaking
You are Good to Go!
How to Test Your PowerPoint Slides for Effectiveness Public Speaking
Speaking to Raise Money – Fundraising Presentations
Animation, Video and Special Affects in PowerPoint Presentations
Devising a Plan for Asking for the Right Amount of Money the Right Way
How to Black Out Your Screen During a PowerPoint Presentation Public Speaking
Here is How You Create a Winning Fundraising Message
There is No Such Thing as a PowerPoint Presentation Public Speaking
You are the Message
PowerPoint Presentation Tip, Don’t Use Builds Public Speaking
Will You Help?
How to Make a Speech Powerful and Persuasive Public Speaking
Raise More Money By Asking for a Highly Specific Amount
How to Introduce Another Speaker Public Speaking
How to get the Money NOW – Fundraising
How to Make an Acceptance Speech Public Speaking
Will You Raise Funds? Fundraising
Will You Raise a Specific Amount?
How to Speak in Front of a Big Crowd Public Speaking
Will You Raise it by a Specific Date?
How to Keep Your Audience’s Attention Public Speaking
Rinse and Repeat
Why You Should Never Memorize a Speech Public Speaking
Video Rehearsal
How to Prepare and Use Notes in a Speech Public Speaking
Conclusion to Fundraising Presentations
Stories Are the Most Important Part of Great Speeches Public Speaking
Public Speaking to Investors – Investor Pitches
Message Drives Stories Public Speaking
You Will Raise Money If You Explain Why You Are So Excited
What is the setting for Your Story Public Speaking
What Characters and Conflicts are in Your Story Public Speaking
What, Exactly, Does Your Business Do?
Your Speaking Stories Must Contain Dialogue Public Speaking
Here is How You Avoid Common Blunders That Destroy Most Pitches
Your Story Must have a Resolution Public Speaking
Using The PowerPoint Deck to Sell, Not Put Investors to Sleep
Share Your Emotions When telling Your Stories Public Speaking
Show Your Creation Now
Don’t Tell Stories, Instead RE-Live Stories Public Speaking
Here is Why You Are Devoting Your Life to This Project
How to Use use whiteboards, flip charts, in presentations Public Speaking
Conclusion to Investor Pitching
How Should You Ask to Be Introduced Public Speaking
Public Speaking to Foreign Audiences
Should I read my speech so that I don’t make any mistakes Public Speaking
You Will Communicate Your Messages and Your Passion
How do I remember what to say in a presentation Public Speaking
You Can Prepare in Advance for Success
How to Handle Questions from the Audience Public Speaking
Culture is Everything
How to Handle a Heckler Public Speaking
It Sounds Silly, But this One Tip Helps Massively
What to Do if You’re Losing Your Audience Public Speaking
Creating Your Permanent Reminders for the Audience
How to Keep Your Speech from Being Boring Public Speaking
Working the Room
How to Recover from a Memory Lapse during a Speech Public Speaking
Conclusion to Speaking to Foreign Audiences
How to Smile during a Speech Public Speaking
Public Speaking for Engineers
How to Deal with Malfunctions during a Speech Public Speaking
Engineers Can Give Excellent Speeches When They Do This…
Should You Wear Glasses during a Speech Public Speaking
Never Get Trapped in The Engineer Mentality That Excuses Bad Speaking
How to Make Eye Contact with Your Audience Public Speaking Training
Accomplish the Goals for Your Speaking “Project”
How Women Should Alter their Voice during a Speech Public Speaking
Your Future as an Engineer Who Is also Know as a Great Communicator
How to Stop Saying Um and Ah when You Speak Public Speaking
Design Your Messages for Maximum Impact
How to Make a Presentation in High School or College Public Speaking
Public Speaking in Workplace Meetings
How to Give a Technical Speech Public Speaking
Learn the Easiest Thing to Present: A Question
How to Recover from Making a Mistake in a Speech Public Speaking
Build Confidence Through Notes
How to to Use a Teleprompter Public Speaking
Make the Right Risk Assessment
How to Dress for a Speech Public Speaking
You Will Sound Natural and Relaxed
How to Give a Sales Presentation Public Speaking
The Ultimate Confidence Builder
How to Give a Motivational Speech Public Speaking
Conclusion to Public Speaking in Meetings
How to Sound Conversational in a Speech Public Speaking
Speaking One On One In Business
What to Do with Your Hands when Making a Speech Public Speaking
Master the Secret of One on One Presentations
How to Use a Lectern or Podium When Giving a Speech Public Speaking
Accomplish Your Goals in Every Presentation
How to Use Body Language during a Speech Public Speaking
You Will Know How This Person Thinks
How to Make a Toast Public Speaking
Make Sure This Person Really Gets What Is Most Important to You
Using Alcohol to Calm Your Nerves before a Speech Public Speaking
Top 5 Messages Part 2
Taking Beta-Blockers to Calm Your Nerves Public Speaking
How to Deal with People Texting during Your Speech Public Speaking
20 Questions
How to Move around while Making a Speech Public Speaking
If my allotted time is cut, what should I eliminate Public Speaking
Conclusion to One On One Speaking
Should I warn my audience I will be boring Public Speaking
Common Public Speaking Questions/Topics – And Answers (Short Clips)
What if You are asked a question You Can’t Answer Public Speaking
What is the outcome you want from your presentation Public Speaking
A Positive Attitude for Public Speaking Public Speaking
Brainstorm Every Topic and Message for Your Speech Public Speaking
Can Public Speaking be learned or is it natural born Public Speaking
What is Your Water Cooler Message Public Speaking
How to Make Prepared Remarks as Good as Your Q and A Public Speaking
You Must Communicate with the Head and the Heart Public Speaking
Have a Public Speaking Improvement Plan Public Speaking
Public Speaking for Political Candidates
Convincing Voters that You Have a Great Reason to Run for Office
How to Find Your Top 3 Winning Messages?
The One Big Secret to Beating an Incumbent
The Stump Speech
Speaking to The Media
Public Speaking to Persuade
Always Select Your Best Persuasion Opportunities and Environments
Learning Persuasion Skills to Beat the “Naturals”
Mapping Out Your Finish Line – In Advance!
Moving the Numbers Game In Your Favor
The Unique Advantage of Persuasion in the Business World
Never Bore With Data Dumps Again
Master the Process Of NOT Telling People Too Much About Your Process
The 5 Key Messages for Your Persuasion Success
Your Secret Source of Winning Persuasion Messages
Persuade More By talking Less
There is Nothing Like Seeing Your Persuasion Messages in Text
More for You, By Not Talking About You
Here is How You Get People to Remember Your Messages
Ironing Out the Kinks in Your Persuasion Presentation
Mastering Persuasive Body Language
Persuading Yourself to Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone
The Single Best Way to Prepare for All Persuasion Presentation Opportunities
Persuasion That Takes 6 Months Is Still Persuasion
Persuasion Is Sometimes More Effective At the Top Than At The Bottom
Conquering Your Fear To Pitch Again
Conclusion: You are Now Ready to Persuade!
Speaking to Investors/IPO
Make the Absolute Best Case for Why Investors Should Invest Capital in You
Generate Investments and Buy Recommendations
Photos Will Make Your Business More Understandable
Put PowerPoint to Bed
You Will Make a Great First Impression in the Initial 2 Minutes
Content Review
1st Video Rehearsal
2nd Video Rehearsal
Public Speaking for Women
The Secret to Being a Great Presenter
The Differences Between Men and Women
Helping You Achieve Your Ultimate Goal
Learning to Love Your Voice (Don’t Lower Your Voice)
Don’t End a Sentence With a Question Mark?
The Perfect Clothing, Shoes, and Makeup for You
Public Speaking for Women Conclusion
Delivering Financial Presentations
You Will Make the Most Important Financial Trends Stand Out
Your Goals Will Be Accomplished After Your Presentation
Create Messages Your audience Will Care About and Remember
Your Stories Behind the Numbers Will Resonate
Command the Room for the First 2 Minutes
PowerPoint Will Enhance Your Message, But You are Still the Messenger
Draw Conclusions
How to Give a Financial Presentation Conclusion
Delivering an Informational Talk
Your Informational Speeches Will Be Understood and Remembered
You Will Go Beyond the Usual Data Dump
Testing In a Way that Eliminates Risk
Final Tips on Giving Informational Speeches
Public Speaking on YouTube
How to Create a Digital TV Network Overview – YouTube Marketing
Create Winning Editorial Content
Here is How to Start Your Network Today – YouTube Marketing
The Best Style for You Is…
Blunders to Avoid
Speaking in Job Interviews
Establishing Your Winning Job Interview Goals
Secrets to Acing the Interview Before You Show Up
Dress for the Interview and the job
Make Small Talk like a Pro
Tell Me About Yourself – And be Memorable!
The Proper Job Interview Mindset
The Strategy Memo
Rehearse Your Interview on Video
Ask for the Job

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