The Complete C Developer Course – Build 7 Exciting Projects.

Master the C Programming language in 2022 by Building exciting projects from Beginners to Advanced Level students.

What you will learn

Start to write a code from a Basic ” Hello World ! ” Program .

Get the indepth understanding of each & every concept of Programming Practically .

Learn Fundamental Concepts such as :- Data Types, Constants, Decision making , String, Function, Array, Structure, Union, Pointer, Recursion, File Handling.

Learn Advanced Concepts -: Memory Models, Mouse Programming, Advanced Pointers, Bit Programming, Storage classes, DMA, Graphics Programming

Get Exercise Questions after every important lesson for practise .

Quizzes to Test knowlege about the subject .

Get top 15 programs for practise which can be asked in Exams or in Interviews with source code .

Develop Mini File / Folder Protection software .

Develop Own Dos command .

Develop a Computer virus ( Just for educational purpose only ! ) .

Develop a Computer game ” Blue Brick Hunter ” .

Develop an Advanced Project ” Student Database Management System ” .

Learn the ways of making money online/offline based on this course .

Get All the Source code for download used in this Course !


          Welcome to ” The Complete C Developer Course – Build 7 Exciting Projects ” .

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Master the C Programming Language by Building Computer Game, Computer software, Computer virus, Before moving to C++, Java, Python.

C is the most popular programming language in the world . C is generally used for developing operating systems, compilers, device drivers etc. Do you know the most part of the popular operating system UNIX is written in C. Popular programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby are also written in c programming language .

      This is the world’s best c programming  Course which is designed for those who want to master c programming from the absolute beginning & creates the base for those who wants to learn  c++, java, objective – c . Also for those students who want to complete their final year projects on their own. This course covers each & every concept of the programming field in depth practically. Over 7 years of in-depth knowledge and experience is poured into this course by Instructor Prashant.



  •  Become a c programming expert in less than 8 weeks.
  •  Save time & money in the search for the best & easy to understand c  programming course.
  •   Covers almost all 32 keywords introduced in c .
  •  Get exercise questions / assignments .
  •  Get Quizzes to test the subject’s understanding.
  •  Get a certificate of successful completion.
  •  Get 24×7 support.
  •  Get all the source code for download.

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This course consists of 30 different sections and over 16 hours of HD video content.


  •  Introduction.
  •  Variable / Constants / Data Types .
  •  Hierarchy and associativity of operators.
  •  Decision-making & branching.
  •  Loop control structure.
  •  Array.
  •  Pointer.
  •  Function.
  •  Structure.
  •  Union.
  •  Common Error Handling & Debugging.
  •  String Handling.
  •  Best programming practices.
  •  File I/O.
  •  Advanced miscellaneous concepts.
  •  Date and Time Programming.
  •  Sound Programming.
  •  Preprocessor directives.
  •  Command-line arguments.
  •  Dynamic memory allocation ( DMA ).
  •  Storage classes.
  •  Bit-level programming ( Bitwise operators ).
  •  Memory models.
  •  Keyboard programming.
  •  Mouse programming.
  •  Graphics programming.
  •  Develop File / Folder protection software.
  •  Develop own Dos command.
  •  Design a computer virus ” Screen killer “.
  •  Develop a computer game “Blue Brick Hunter “.
  •  Develop an advanced Project on ” Student Database Management System “.
  •  Learn the Ways of Making Money on the Basis of this course!


History of C Programming Language
Features and Applications of C Programming Language
Structure of a Basic C Program
Installing a CodeBlocks Compiler .
Installing DEV C++ compiler
Installing a Turbo C++ Compiler
Which compiler to choose
First C Program ” Hello World ! ” .
Hello World Lab code
Compilation & Execution Process in Details PART I
Compilation & Execution Process in Details PART II
Join the facebook group for any problem !
History and Development of C Programming Language !

Variable , Constatnts , Data types & Character set !

Character Set & Keywords in C
Variables & Constants in C
Data Types in C
Format Specifiers in C
Instruction Types in C
Variable , Constants and Data types

Hierarchy , associativity of Operators , Algorithms !

Operators in C
Hierarchy & Associativity of Operators .
Let’s Convert an Algebric expression into C expression .
understanding printf() & scanf()
Lab code used to demonstrate printf() and scanf()
Calculate Square
Calculate Simple interest
Escape sequence characters in C
Algorithms & Flowcharts in C .
Lab code used in Algorithm
Learn to Hand Run a Program !
Hierarchy , associativity of operators , Algorithms and flowchart

Decision Making & Branching !

Decision Making & Branching
IF statement
IF statement Lab code
Multiple If statement
Multiple if statement Lab code
IF else statement
IF else statement Lab code
Else if ladder
Else if ladder Lab code
Nested if else
Nested if else Lab code
Conditional Operator !
Conditional Operator Lab code
Switch statement in c
Switch statement Lab code
Decision making and branching

Loop control structure !

What are Loops ?
The While statement
The While statement Lab code
The Do While statement
The For Loop statement
The For Loop statement Lab code
The Nested For Loop statement
The Nested For Loop Lab code
The Break , Continue and goto keyword .
Goto Lab code
Adding Breakpoints , watches & step over and trace into the Code
Loop control structure

Array !

What is Array ? One Dimensional Array !
One Dimensional Array Lab code
Array Initialization
Array Initialization Lab code
2-Dimensional Array
2-Dimensional Array Lab code
2-Dimensional Array Initialization
2-Dimensional Array Initialization Lab code
Character Array
Character Array Lab Code

Pointer !

Pointer Basics
Pointer Lab code
Pointer to Pointer
Pointer to pointer Lab code
Pointer Arithmatic
Pointer Arithmatic Lab code
Array & Pointer
Array & Pointer Lab code
String & Pointer
String & Pointer Lab code
Wild Pointer
NULL Pointer
Generic pointer
Pointer !

Function !

Function Basics
Function Basics Lab code
Function with argument
Function with argument Lab code
Function which returns a value
Function which returns value Lab code
Function !

Structure !

Structure Basics
Structure Basics Lab code
Memory Organization & Structure padding
Array of structure
Array of structure Lab code
Nesting of structure
Nesting of structure Lab code
Structure !

Union !

Union in C
Union Lab code
Union !

Common Error Handling & Debugging !

Common Error Handling & Debugging !

String Handling !

Basics of string
String Length Lab code
Learn to copy string .
String copy Lab code
Learn to append string
String append Lab code
Learn to reverse string
String reverse Lab code
Learn to compare two strings
String compare Lab code
Learn to convert string to upper case
String upper case Lab code
Learn to convert string to lower case
String lower case Lab code
String Handling !



File Handling !

File Basics
File Basics Lab code part I
File Basics Lab code part II
Read & Write Records to a File
Writing Records to a file Lab code
Reading Records from a file Lab code
Read & Write Records to a File in Binary Mode
Writing Records in binary mode Lab code
Reading Records in binary mode Lab code
File Handling !

Advanced Miscellaneous concepts !

Learn to create your own Header Files & Add functions to Library
Learn to create your own Library
Functions call by value and call by refrence
Function call by value and call by refrence Lab code
Pointer to Function
Pointer to function Lab code
Pointer to Structure
Pointer to structure Lab code
Passing structure as function argument
Structure as function argument Lab code
Recursion Lab code

Date & Time Programming !

Learn to get & set system Date
Get system date Lab code
Set system date Lab code
Learn to get & set system Time
Get system time Lab code
Set system time Lab code

Sound Programming !

Basics of sound
Sound Lab code
Basic Project to generate siren sounds !

Preprocessor Directives !

Basics of preprocessor directives & macro expansion
Basics of Preprocessor directives Lab code
Conditional compilation I
Conditional compilation I Lab code
Conditional compilation II
Conditional compilation II Lab code
#Pragma Directive
#pragma Directive Lab code
Preprocessor directives !

Command Line Arguments !

Basics of Command line arguments
Basics of Command line arguments Lab code

Dynamic Memory Allocation ( DMA ) !

Basics with malloc () function
Basics with malloc() function Lab code
Calloc () function
Calloc() function Lab code
Realloc () function
Realloc() function Lab code
Dynamic Memory Allocation !

Storage classes !

Complete about storage Classes with practicals
Automatic storage class Lab code
Register storage class Lab code
Static storage class Lab code
External storage class Lab code
Storage classes !

Bit Level Programming !

Number System
One’s complement operator ~
One’s complement operator Lab code
Encrypt file contents with One’s complement operator Lab code
Right shift operator >>
Right shift operator Lab code
Left shift operator <<
Left shift operator Lab code
Bitwise and operator &
Bitwise and operator Lab code
Bitwise or operator |
Bitwise or operator Lab code
Bitwise exclusive or operator ^
Bitwise exclusive or operator Lab code
Bit Level Programming !

Memory Models !

Memory Models in C .
Near pointer
Near pointer Lab code
Huge pointer
Huge pointer Lab code
Far pointer
Far pointer Lab code
Memory models !

Keyboard Programming !

Basics of keyboard & CPU interaction .
Print ASCII TABLE Lab code
Display ASCII value and scan code Lab code
Interacting with Shift & Toggle keys at bit level
Interacting with shift & toggle keys Lab code
Basic calculator project
Basic calculator Lab code
Keyboard Programming !

Mouse Programming !

Basics of Microprocessor and initializing & displaying Mouse .
Initializing and displaying Mouse Lab code
Determine Button clicks & grab x y position of Mouse pointer
Determine Button clicks & grab x y postion of Mouse Lab code
Learn to Restrict Mouse Pointer
Learn to Restricting Mouse Pointer Lab code
Mouse Programming !

Graphics Programming !

Basics of graphics
Basics of graphics Lab code
Let’s Draw a line & circle .
Drawing line Lab code
Drawing circle Lab code
Let’s draw an rectangle
Let’s draw an rectangle Lab code
Let’s draw an bar
Let’s draw an bar Lab code
Let’s draw an arc & manage text Lab code
Let’s draw an arc Lab code
Let’s manage text Lab code
Learn to implement floodfill function
Learn to implement floodfill() function Lab code
Let’s Create a Progressbar
Let’s Create a Progressbar Lab code
Learn to use getimage () putimage () and imagesize () functions .
Learn to use getimage() , putimage() and imagesize() Lab code
Graphics Programming !

Mini Projects !

Develop a File / Folder Protection Software PART I !
Develop a File / Folder Protection Software PART II !
Develop a File / Folder Protection Software PART III !
Develop a File / Folder Protection Software PART IV !
Develop a File/Folder protection Software Lab code
Develop your own DOS command .
Develop your own DOS command Lab code
Introduction to computer viruses
Lets Build an Screen killer virus
Let’s Build an Screen killer virus Lab code

Let’s Build A Computer Game “BLUE BRICK HUNTER ” !

Structure Planning & Implementation .
Drawing user defined shapes
Drawing user defined shapes Lab code
Animating the Object or Object Animation
Animating the Object or Object Animation Lab code
Implementing Collision Detection & Artificial Intelligence
Implementating Collision detection & Artificial Intellegence Lab code
Setting Keys for the paddle movement
Setting up keys for the paddle movement Lab code
Restarting the game
Restarting the game Lab code
Determining the Winner
Determining the winner Lab code
Finally create a stand alone executable file for Destribution

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ( Student Database Management System ) !

Research & planning
Let’s design a Login window
Let’s design a Login window Lab code
Adding password detection code
Adding password detection code Lab code
Let’s design main Menu
Let’s design main Menu Lab code
Adding the Mouse Interface
Adding the Mouse Interface Lab code
Let’s Add student database into file
Let’s Add student database into file Lab code
Search student record
Search student record Lab code
Delete student record
Delete student record Lab code
Modify student record
Modify student record Lab code
List student records
List student records Lab code
Backup student database
Backup student database Lab code
Exiting the system
Exiting the system Lab code
Let’s create a standalone executable file !
Let’s create a standalone executable file Lab code

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