Tendering Process in Construction

Procurement and Tendering Masterclass

What you will learn

Construction tendering process

Advantages and Disadvantages of three different types of tendering methods

Single Stage Tendering Advantages and Disadvantages

Two Stage Tendering Advantages and Disadvantages

Negotiated Tendering Advantages and Disadvantages

National and International Procurement Introduction

Selecting a Contractor

Pre-Qualification Questionnaires

Assessing Suitable Tender Periods

Going out to Tender (What to include and important considerations)

During the Tender

Tender Analysis


Welcome to the Tendering Process in Construction Masterclass, the only course you need to learn how to tender any construction project successfully.

This is the most comprehensive course for tendering and procurement in the construction industry available online. Even if you have zero construction industry experience, this course will take you from complete beginner to advanced practitioner. Here’s why:


  • The course is taught by a chartered surveyor with over seven years of industry experience.
  • The course is taught by an RICS-certified APC Assessor.
  • You will learn about what is tendering in construction from an experienced practitioner.
  • You will learn about the tendering process steps with real-world examples.
  • You will learn best industry practices for procurement and tendering
  • You will learn the tendering definition and how it is different from the definition of procurement

Tendering and procurement in construction are rarely executed in line with best practices, which frequently result in increased project cost, duration and a reduction in quality. This course teaches you why robust tendering is critical to any project and how to select the correct tender methodology. You will also learn how to select the right contractor to submit your tender package to, as well as what questions you should be asking at the pre-tender stage. It also teaches you the best professional practice during the tender stage, what to do when you receive the tenders and how to conduct a tender analysis.

Course Introduction


Introduction to Procurement and Tendering

What is procurement and tendering and what are the benefits?

Construction Tendering Process

Construction Tendering Process
Single Stage Tendering
Two Stage Tendering
Negotiated Tendering
National and International Tendering Procedures

The Pre-Tender Stage

Selecting a Contractor
Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
Assessing Suitable Tender Periods

The Tender Period

Going out to tender (what you should include and critical considerations).
Mid-tender interviews and tender withdrawals

Tender analysis

Tender analysis. What is it and why it is important.
Award criteria case study and tender scoring.

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