Teenager Money

12 Personal finance lessons I wish I learned at school

What you will learn

Learn about the importance of budgeting and how to implement a budget into to your lifestyle

Learn about banking and the different bank accounts that are available to you

Identify potential poor money wasting habits and how to counter them

Gain confidence when it comes to managing your money


We have asked Lisa, another young person who has now started at University, to share with you

12 things about money, she wishes she was taught at school!

Being an adult and managing your finances can be a struggle for some of us. We all know that we should plan, budget and take care of money and our spending. But how many of us do it? We are supposed to rationalise each purchase and think upfront about whether we can afford something and whether we need the item we want to buy. Or is this purchase just a way of satisfying our infinite wants?

Most of us wish we learned about money before our 20’s so by the time we are 30 we have some savings, investments and we understand how to manage the money.

We wish we didn’t make so many mistakes, didn’t waste hundreds of pounds on useless purchases. We wish they taught us more about money at school,” says Lisa.

Financial education helps children learn how to manage their money now and in the future, choose the best financial products and services and protect themselves from fraud and exploitation.

Without high quality financial education, all children and young people are at some risk of having poor financial capability. This risk increases amongst more vulnerable groups, including disabled children and those with a long-term illness, children looked after, young carers and those from low-income households. It is particularly important to ensure that the approach to financial education in schools meets the needs of these and all children and young people.”

The workbook accompanying this course has now achieved a Quality Mark from the Assocaition for Teaching Citizenship. It makes it suitable for youth workers and facilitators to use in UK schools.

Now is your chance to learn the basics of money!

What you’ll learn:

  • Tips for saving money
  • Money terms you should know
  • Why we need to talk about money
  • About savings, budgeting, debt, needs and wants, plus more.
  • Newly added: wages, tax, credit and debit cards, banks, borrowing and a finance dictionary.


Too Much Money in Circulation

Why can’t we just print more money
Wants VS Needs
Inflation Quiz
Wants and Needs quiz

Budgeting – assigning your money tasks

Budgeting Quiz



The Value of Money

Money as a value of labour
Money and Labour Quiz

The world around us

Poverty exists
Bad financial decisions

Don’t waste your money, save it for bigger fish

Don’t waste your money
Save money, but don’t be cheap
Emergency Fund
Don’t waste your money – Quiz
Smart saving habits
Emergency Fund Quiz

Credit vs Debit

How do banks work?
Credit Vs Debit
Banking Quiz
Credit VS Debit Quiz

Using other people’s money

Loans and Debt
Debt 2
Debt Quiz
Borrowing Quiz

Preparing for the future

Buying a House or Land
Pensions Quiz
Mortgage Quiz

Getting Paid, Bills and Taxes

What are benefits?
Paying Bills
Wages Quiz
Benefits Quiz
Bills Quiz
Tax Quiz

Protecting what is valuable to you

Identity Fraud
Insurance Quiz
Identity Fraud and Scams Quiz


Being Moneywise
Moneywise Quiz

bMoneywize Resources!

Financial Definitions
bMoneywize resources
Our App – Money Maths!
Extra Resources
Active Citizenship!

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