Technical Analysis: Trading Smart With Technical Analysis

Learn Technical Analysis For Profitable Stock Trading, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading & More (Taught By An Expert Trader)

What you will learn

Technical Analysis

How To Use TradingView

Technical Indicators

Price Action Patterns

Chart Patterns

Advanced Technical Analysis


If your goal is to become a highly profitable trader of stocks, forex, crypto…etc, then look no further then this complete A-Z course on technical analysis.

This course is taught by an expert trader that makes a living doing what he teaches.

So, whether you are a beginner trader or an experienced one, have no doubt that there’s a wealth of information you can learn from this course.

The course is clear, straight to the point and provides applicable trading advice and strategies.

The course offers 3 types of content:

  1. Theory
  2. Examples
  3. Tests

First, you learn the theory behind technical analysis.


Then, you are shown examples of that theory put into application.

& Finally, your newly acquired knowledge from the course is put to the test.

All of this ensures that by the time you complete the course, you’ll walk away with the knowledge and skills you need to trade the markets profitably.

Also, if you need help in your trading journey, you’ll have a team of expert traders at your disposal to help with anything you need.

Inside the course, you’re going to learn:

  • The difference between investing & trading
  • Fundamental analysis vs technical analysis
  • Types of technical analysis
  • How to use Tradingview (the trading platform)
  • Technical indicators
  • Price action patterns
  • Chart patterns
  • & Advanced technical analysis.

We look forward to seeing you in class!


Trading vs Investing
Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis
How Technical Analysis Is Derived
Types Of Technical Analysis
How Technical Analysis Is Used
Let’s Test Your Knowledge!


Tradingview Tutorial (Part 1)
Tradingview Tutorial (Part 2)


Technical Indicators Overview
Moving Averages
Bollinger Bands
Keltner Channel
Average Directional Index
Volume Profiler
RSI Oscillator
Stochastic Oscillator
Money Flow Index Oscillator
Chaikin Oscillator
Klinger Oscillator
Percentage Price Oscillator
Let’s Test Your Knowledge!


Price Action Patterns
Price Pivot Patterns
Inside-Outside Bar Patterns
Price Gaps
Consecutive Highs/Lows
Key Reversal Patterns
Let’s Test Your Knowledge!


Chart Patterns
Support & Resistance
Trend Lines
Price Channels
Triangle Price Patterns
Head-&-Shoulders Reversal Pattern
Double top/Bottom Reversal Pattern
Flag Patterns
Fibonacci Retracement
Let’s Test Your Knowledge!


Convergence / Divergence
Multiple Time Frames
Market Bias
Trade Set Ups & Timing
Dynamic Technical Indicators

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