Introduction to MATLAB for Complete Beginners

The Foundations of MATLAB for everyone! Start learning MATLAB for free and begin your science/engineering career! What You Will Learn Develop essential level skills of Programming with MATLAB Working with M-Files, Functions and Scripts You are fully able to start your own engineering and technical projects worked at University or College Create a portfolio of …

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Optimization Using Pattern Search Method: MATLAB Programming

A Quick Way to Learn and Solve Optimization Problems in MATLAB. A Course for Beginners. What you will learn Running direct search optimization problems in MATLAB Specifying objective functions Specifying constraints Vectorizing objective function and constraints Obtaining local and global optima Parallel computing Description This course introduces applied direct search optimization in the MATLAB environment, …

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MATLAB For People in Hurry

MATLAB Course (Short, Basic & Fast) as your First Programming Language What you will learn Introduction to MATLAB Software MATLAB coding as first programming language Learn MATLAB from scratch Perform Various Arithmetic Operations with MATLAB How to write scripts and functions Visualize graphical data in 2D and 3D How To Solve Different Equations On Matlab …

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MATLAB for Control Engineers

MATLAB for Control Engineers What you will learn Transfer Function Definition in MATLAB, Feedback Systems in MATLAB Root Locus Analysis in MATLAB Stability Analysis in MATLAB Nyquis Criteria, Nyquis Plot in MATLAB Description In this course we teach how to use the MATLAB for control engineering topics. We basically teach the use of MATLAB for the …

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