Intelligent Manufacturing System

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Fundamentals of Manufacturing Materials, Processes & Systems

Understand Manufacturing Processes for Plastics and Metals to get Certification in CMfgE What you will learn Discuss in detail the manufacturing processes of metallic and plastic parts. Compare between different types of metal forming processes and differentiate between their output product. Describe different types of joining process and introduce the concept of sustainable manufacturing. Recognize, …

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Certification in Fundamentals of Metal Forming Processes

Study the fundamentals related to design and manufacturing of metallic products by Bulk and Sheet metal forming methods. What you will learn To become familiar with some of the basic metal forming processes like extrusion, rolling, forging, wire drawing and sheet metal working Understand the fundamental concepts of different metal forming processes their engineering applications …

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Introduction to Manufacturing Processes

Basic understanding about the manufacturing processes What you will learn   The students learning this course will help them to get a basic understanding about manufacturing and its processes. Description The course “Introduction to Manufacturing processes” is an introductory course and it will provide a great opportunity to the beginners to learn about manufacturing and …

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Conventional Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing processes for Engineering Students of First Year . What you will learn   Types and Applications of Conventional Manufacturing Processes.   Casting Procedure and its application.   Sand Casting Description This course will help students to list down various conventional manufacturing processes. Students will understand the basic difference ant the application of different conventional …

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