ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Change Management

What you will learn   Change Management Definition   ISO 9001 References to change   Points of consideration with regards to change management   Change Management tips and techniques   Learn what a change register is   Readiness assessment and preparing for change   The importance of communication in change management   Sponsoring change   …

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ISO 9001 Process Approach

What you will learn Learn about what adopting a process approach means Learn how to categorize processes Learn about process approach implementation Learn to apply PDCA to the process approach Description ISO 9001 and the process approach are the focus of this course. The process approach is mentioned in the introduction of ISO 9001 and …

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ISO 9001 Leadership & Commitment

What you will learn ISO 9001 Clause 5.1 Leadership and Commitment Top management’s general roles Top management’s role in providing direction Top management’s commitment to the QMS Top management’s role in enhancing training and awareness Top management’s role in improving performance Top management’s role in support activities Description This course is about clause 5 of …

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ISO 9001 2015 Risk Management

Understand the relevance of having a risk-based approach as it relates to ISO 9001:2015 What you will learn Understand what risk-based thinking is Understand how risk can be a good thing See what ISO 9001:2015 says about risk and how to approach it Develop an understanding about understanding, analyzing, and evaluating risks Description In this …

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ISO 9001 Seven Principles of Quality Management

Customer Focus, Leadership, Process Approach, Improvement and more What you will learn   The Seven Principles of Quality Management   Customer Focus   Engagement of People   Process Approach   Improvement   Evidence-based decision making   Relationship Management Description Welcome to this Seven Principles of Quality Management. This course is suitable for all levels. I’ll …

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ISO 9001 Quality Management Knowledge and Understanding

Enhance your understanding of ISO 9001 clauses, risk-based thinking, and the principles of quality management What you will learn Clause-by-clause ISO 9001 explanation Context of the Organization, Leadership, Planning, Support, Operations, Evaluation, Improvement Seven Principles of Quality Management as per ISO 9000 Principles of Risk Management Risk-Based Thinking Description Welcome to ISO 9001 Quality Management …

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