Information Systems

Information Theory

Information Theory What you will learn Concept of Information Entropy and Mutual Information Communication Channels and Channel Capacity Concept of Data Compression Limits of Data Compression Description Today’s communication technology can be considered the result of Shannon’s theorem published in 1948. The paper A Mathematical Theory of Communication where Shannon defined entropy, mutual information, and …

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Master the Strategy Language for your IT Leadership Career

Learn the leadership language and showcase you are ready for the IT Leadership Job or promotion you deserve What you will learn Strategy is a language of leadership, and you will understand the top-down view of the Strategy and how it impacts project portfolios. Understand the difference between Strategy vs. Tactical vs. Operational and how …

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Information Literacy & Online Search Strategies

Build your digital literacy skills to search effectively for online information What you will learn   Understand the key concept information literacy   Identify the information need   Develop a search strategy   Find online information effectively Description The 21st century is a digital information age whereby information resources are abundant on the World Wide …

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