Geography Regional: Southeast Asia

Geografi Regional : Asia Tenggara What you will learn   Define and explain the geographic concept of Southeast Asia Realm   Locate significant geographic features of regions of Southeast Asia Realm   Describe their cultural, economic, political and physical characteristics   Demonstrate knowledge of each region’s role in globalizing Southeast Asia Realm   Apply geographic …

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Geography & Environmental Science: Sustainability

The Principles of Sustainability What you will learn   Understand the principles of sustainability and link it with the geography and environmental science   Discuss Tragedy of the Common and Governing the Commons   Explain the Triple Bottom Line Concept   Explain the concept of sustainable development and its application in the context of Geography …

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Regional Planning

Regional Planning: Basic Concepts and Its Contextualization What you will learn   Discuss basic concepts and principles of regional planning   Review the theories of regional planning   Complete a case study of regional and urban issues   Evaluate the current situation and future of the city in regional aspect Description Dear enthusiast learners all …

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GeoServer For Dummies: Learn From Scratch

Learn It Easy What you will learn Learning geoserver basic knowledge. Geoserver main information. Getting tips for learning. Getting an introduction to geoserver. Description Do you like GeoServer and would like to give the first steps? You are into GeoServer and want to understand the basics? Then THIS IS THE VIDEOCOURSE FOR YOU! In this course, you will get an introduction …

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