Environment and Ethics: A Basic Course

An environmental problem is an imbalance or undesirable change in the environment What you will learn To know about the Constituents of Environment and Ethics To know about the Man-Environment Relationship To know the Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources. To describe the equitable use of resources for sustainable lifestyles. To know …

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Managing Ethical Conflict in the Workplace

What you will learn   Grasp concepts and trends on employee dissent, employee activism and ethical conflict   AICCC Framework: acknowledge the complaint and investigate the concerns   AICCC Framework: consider/communicate and cement the solution   Gain insight into common, but expensive mistakes made by some leaders which snowballed into employee discontent, legal disputes and …

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Ethics Fundamentals

What you will learn   Understanding ethics in corporations.   Discussing dark patterns and the ethics of nudges.   Learning some of the basic “big ideas” in ethics, like the trolley problem.   Inspire ethical change and ethical leadership. Description Ethics impact you every day – in your personal choices, in your workplace, in your …

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Management: The Urgency of Data Protection & Privacy

Learn about the risks, enormous costs of breaches and how data ethics can lead to responsible innovation What you will learn You will learn about the eyewatering costs and the reputational damage to organisations when things go wrong Artificial intelligence gets all the press, but giving priority to data ethics can unlock responsible innovation and …

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