Svelte – Crash Course

A great start to learn basics of the Svelte

What you will learn

How to use the main features of the Svelte (components, rendering, reactivity, await blocks, and more)

Building a simple practical app with Svelte

See how to work with Svelte Kit

Use Svelte in development


The main idea of this course is to teach you how to use the Svelte framework (better to call compiler not a framework) to build a friendly front-end app and start to use this framework in your daily job. We are going to talk about the main ones of this framework: components, reactivity, rendering, data fetching, and others. For you as a beginner, it will be a great start in Svelte.

As you know Svelte is raising in popularity, and more and more developers starting to use Svelte to build fast reactive front-end applications that can work with their API. The community of the Svelte becoming bigger every day – and now you can join this community and see all features of the Svelte. It’s a really easy framework to learn and understand and also if you don’t have any experience with front-end frameworks like Vue or React – that’s not a problem because in this course we are going to talk only about the basics of the Svelte, so, you will understand everything.

And yes, we are going also to see the basic use of the Svelte Kit – a toolkit that we can use to build a full Svelte front-end application (but sometimes this toolkit is also used to build a custom API that will work with MongoDB).




Introduction, app creation
Basics of the Svelte
Practice: Create a simple notes app
Communication in components
Slots in components
Use $ as reactive statement
Fetching data in Svelte
Store in the app
Svelte Kit – Setup a new application
Building data fetching with dynamic routes

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