Stretching / mobility with a broomstick – StickFlow

Some playful follow-along stretching/mobility sequences that make use of an everyday broomstick.

What you will learn

Take some of the boredom out of static stretching

Improve flexibility and mobility

Discover potential flexibility imbalances on one side of the body

Assemble your own routine from a mixture of the stretches in these videos


This series of four videos is a flowing series of stretches intended to encourage creativity while doing stretching or workout routine. It involves using an optional broomstick handle to deepen the stretches and improve form.

There are 4 videos that include 4 different sequences:

– Sequence A

– Sequence B

– Sequence C

– Sequence D

The sequences become progressively more difficult and longer to execute.  In each video, the sequences are performed twice – the first time quite slowly, and the second time a little faster.  There are text explanations for how to perform the different stretches/mobilizations.

The only equipment required is the handle of an everyday broom, and an optional yoga mat.  There’s no need to perform all of the stretches, and especially not to exert so far into the stretch that it could cause any pain.  Slow and gentle should be the approach, and the body should be already warmed up slightly to improve flexibility.

About me


I am a certified yoga instructor, health and wellness coach, nutritionist and personal trainer. I’m passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves, and look to make positive changes in the world by helping people grow at the individual level.



The techniques and suggestions presented in this series are not intended to substitute for proper medical advice. Consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program. Kingsbury Coaching assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing these techniques.



StickFlow – Sequence A

StickFlow – Sequence A

StickFlow – Sequence B

StickFlow – Sequence B

StickFlow – Sequence C

StickFlow – Sequence C

StickFlow – Sequence D

StickFlow – Sequence D

Great work!

Thanks for watching!

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