Stress Management for Success (part II)

Take charge. Create balance. Grow in life (advanced course)

What you will learn

Enhanced performance at work

Better sleep quality

3 scientifically proven stress management techniques

Mental relaxation in minutes, no matter where and when

Better decision making & clarity of mind

Be in charge during difficult conversations at work

Improve your mental well-being and quality of life

Bring your A-game to work

Stand out from the crowd during intense and stressful situations

Feeling sharp and yet relaxed

Be in control of your career and your growth


Welcome to the second part of your stress management training for successful leaders and senior business professionals! This course is the advanced version of our foundational course. We highly recommend that you take the foundational course first before proceeding with this one.

If you are here, you are serious about getting a grip on stress and growing in your life and career. Nowadays, the only way you can get ahead and make a successful career is if you are in charge of your mind and the stressors in your life.

It certainly did the magic for me while in the corporate field. It worked so well that I decided to leave the business world so I could introduce it to other business professionals in high-pressure careers and support them in getting ahead in their careers and their lives.

This course builds on the skills you learned in the foundational course stress management for successful leaders and senior professionals – part 1. For this reason, we will briefly discuss what we covered in the first module to jog your memory. In case you have not taken the first course, we highly recommend finishing that module before continuing with this training.

This course focuses on 3 advanced techniques:

  1. Autogenic relaxation,
  2. Affirmations
  3. Visualization

Don´t be intimidated by the fancy names. They are, in fact, incredibly easy to learn. Each is highly customizable and will help you immensely in your relaxation journey.

The first skill we will introduce is called “Autogenic training,” which uses short and easy-to-learn statements that induce a state of relaxation in the entire body. The technique is very easy to learn. After the first session, you will already be able to relax and calm down in minutes.

The following technique we will introduce is called “Affirmations,” which are powerful tools to reprogram your mind to stay relaxed, and focused, and maintain an optimistic mindset. After walking you through the basics of this technique, we will teach you how to create personal affirmations tailored to your specific challenges and goals in your life and career.

The last technique we will walk you through is called visualization. This technique will give you an extra edge in all challenging situations. It is commonly used by athletes together with affirmations to prepare for critical challenges in competitions. You can use the same approach to deepen your relaxation practice or to prepare for stressful or otherwise demanding situations in your job.

So, by the end, you will be equipped with 3 super techniques to help you bring your A-game to work daily. And handle any pressure life or your boss throws at you.

Please note that all our content is approved by licensed experts. If you want to learn more, please visit our website.

We look forward to welcoming you to our course!



Warm welcome & quick introduction


Practical information on Autogenic Training

David´s story
Current reality in the business world
So, what is autogenic training?
What are the benefits of our approach?
What is the structure of this training?
Where can I practice this technique?
How often do I need to practice?
Practical tips for you
How do I end each session?
When am I ready to move to the next module?
When to not use autogenic training?

Autogenic Training – Let´s get started!

Overview: calmness and heaviness
Practice: calmness and heaviness
Overview: warmth
Practice: warmth
Overview: breathing
Practice: breathing
Overview: heart
Practice: heart
Overview: solar plexus
Practice: solar plexus
Overview: Forehead
Practice: forehead
Quick version – relax in 5 minutes
Practice: quick version – relax in 5 minutes
Well done! You have successfully completed the modules on Autogenic Training.

Affirmations technique

Quick check in 🙂
Quick introduction
The impact of stress in your life
How can I benefit from affirmations?
Tell me more about this training
How can I use affirmations in my daily relaxation practice?
Tell me more about affirmations
Affirmations and your sleep
Affirmations and stress related muscle tension
Affirmations & shoulders
Affirmations & your neck
Affirmations & your jaw
Creating your own affirmations
Integrate affirmations in your daily routine
Affirmations & your motivation
Affirmations & your general well-being
Affirmations & your daily life
Self talk
Self talk: how does it work exactly?
How to talk to yourself
A few tips for your self-talk
Let´s do a recap of what we have learned
A quick check-in

Visualization technique

Quick check-in from Marjan 🙂
Warm welcome
What is stress doing to me
How can visualization help me?
What is the structure of this training?
In case you missed it earlier, here is a short intro to a relaxation technique
Integrate visualization into your daily relaxation practice
Types of visualization
What if I find it difficult to re-create images in my mind?
Deepen your relaxation with images
Activate your potential using images
How can I make my images strong?
Your daily training – an example
How to use colours?
Use one color consciously
Find your personal color
More practical tips for you
Let´s recap
Well done!

Extra content for your leisure

Body scan
Mindful body scan (short version)
Confidence booster meditation
Vibrant energy and confidence meditation
Autogenic relaxation
Relaxing & soothing music for your relaxation journey
Relaxing & soothing music for your down-time
Relaxing music after a hectic day

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