Spotfire Interview Tech Questions Answered with Explanation

Answers with Detail Explanation to Actual Spotfire Interview Questions, beneficial for Beginners and Experienced alike.

What you will learn

Actual Tibco Spotfire Interview Questions with Detail Explanation

Questions on Data Sources, Data Tables, Visualizations, Iron Python, Document Properties etc.

All Technical Questions answered with Examples

Recommended Answers for Non-Technical Questions

All possible approaches to achieve a particular task are discussed

Resources to read further about Spotfire


Get that dream Business Intelligence Job in Spotfire..!

Welcome to this course on Spotfire Technical interview Questions and Answers where you are going to excel the Spotfire Technical job interview. Take the course, learn the material and go into interview with a confidence that you are prepared!

This course will take your knowledge in Spotfire to a different level, making you 100% prepared for the Technical Round. The Questions here are the actual questions being asked in Interviews and a Detail explanation is given for each, so you just not know, but understand the whole concept, making you well prepared for any Interview.

This course is well suited for :

Students – They will be able to identify their weak areas and address them.
Professionals – They will be able to ace the Technical Interview.
Interviewers – They will be able to ask excellent Spotfire Technical & Non-Technical Questions

Top Reasons you should take this Course

  • Actual Interview Questions are discussed
  • All approaches to solve a particular task are shown
  • Spotfire’s latest version is used in the Videos
  • Recommended Answers are shared for Non-Technical Questions to give the right direction
  • Questions around advanced topics are also discussed, like TERR, Iron Python, Document Property etc.
  • Custom Expression syntax are explained in Detail

This course is recommended for everyone who want to switch their career to Business Intelligence – the most lucrative job profile of 2021.

Note : New Questions on Advanced Topics will be added Regularly and Announcements will be made.



Basic Spotfire Interview Questions
What is Business Intelligence ?
What is Spotfire?
Which Version of Spotfire you are using?
What is X,Y,Z in Tibco Version X.Y.Z ?
Have you worked on Big Data in Spotfire ?
Spotfire Interview Questions around Data Sources
What are the ways to import Data in Spotfire?
Have you worked with Information Designer ?
How do you create an Information Link ?
What is SBDF ?
How do you Join Tables in Spotfire ?
Questions around Spotfire Functionalities
Have you worked with Developer Options in Spotfire?
What is the difference in Calculated Column and Transformation ?
In what formats can we export Spotfire Dashboards ?
Tell a little about Filtering Schemes in Spotfire.
How do you Pivot data in Spotfire ?
What is the approach to Clean your data before using it ?
Spotfire Interview Questions around Visualizations
Which Visual would you prefer to display a Trend over Time ?
How do you show Filtered data in any Chart in Spotfire ?
Spotfire Interview Questions around Iron Python, R
What is TERR ?
Spotfire Interview Questions around Document Property
How do you create a Document Property? And attach a Python Script to it ?
How can we change the Title of any chart basis on selected Document Property ?
Congratulations and Next Steps
Useful Resources for Spotfire Interview Preparation
Congratulations on Completing the Course

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