Social Psychology & Behaviours | Interpersonal Psychology

Exploring Human Behavior and Interaction: Insights into Social Influence, Group Dynamics, Identity, and Perception

What you will learn

Comprehend the Fundamentals of Social Psychology: Students will gain a solid understanding of the basic principles and theories in social psychology

Learners will delve into how social perception, attitudes, persuasion, and group dynamics shape interactions.

Students will explore concepts like social identity theory, self-concept, and the impact of cultural, gender, and societal factors on identity.

This Course includes understanding phenomena such as stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, and their implications on social justice and intergroup relations.


Embark on an enlightening journey into ‘Social Psychology and Social Behaviors’, a comprehensive course where the fascinating spheres of sociology and social psychology converge. This detailed program is meticulously crafted to explore how individual behaviors, societal influences, and group dynamics intricately interact to mold human experiences. Here’s what makes this course an indispensable addition to your learning journey:

  • Deep-Dive into Core Principles: Unpack the fundamental concepts of social psychology, illuminated through a sociological lens. Grasp how societal norms, cultural backgrounds, and interpersonal relationships profoundly shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
  • Explore the Dynamics of Social Interaction: Engage with the complexities of social influence, persuasion, and group dynamics. Understand how these forces operate in various contexts, from workplaces to social communities, providing a nuanced perspective on human interaction.
  • Critical Examination of Social Constructs: Investigate key societal issues like stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination through the lens of social psychology. This exploration is not just theoretical; it’s a crucial lens to view and address real-world societal challenges.
  • Practical Application and Real-World Relevance: Each module connects theory with practical scenarios, helping you apply sociological and psychological concepts to everyday life and professional environments.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: With a blend of case studies, interactive discussions, and reflective exercises, the course promises an engaging and immersive learning environment.

This course is not just an academic endeavor; it’s a transformative experience. It’s tailored for:


  • Psychology and Sociology Students: Perfect for those seeking a profound understanding of human social behavior.
  • Professionals in Human-Centric Careers: Ideal for individuals in fields like HR, marketing, and counseling, where understanding social dynamics is key.
  • Advocates and Social Workers: Invaluable for those who deal with societal issues and strive for change.
  • Lifelong Learners and Curious Minds: A treasure trove of knowledge for anyone fascinated by the social aspects of human nature.

In this course, you’re not just learning about social psychology and sociology; you’re gaining tools to better understand the world and your place in it. Embark on this journey to enhance your comprehension of social dynamics and enrich your personal and professional life.

Introduction to Social Psychology: Unveiling Human Behavior | Foundations

Introduction to Social Psychology & Social Behaviours | Interpersonal Psychology
How Our Social Identities are Formed? Social Identity Theory | Social Psychology
What Social Psychologists do? | Nature of Work | Job Description & Applications

Individuality vs. Social Groups: The Dynamics of Personal Identity | Psychology

How Individuals Identify themselves in Society | Social Psychology & Behaviours
How Individuals Learn Social Cues and Attribution | Stereotyping and Prejudice

Group Formation Foundations: Understanding Group Dynamics | Social Psychology

Group Behaviors and Collective Consciousness of Societies | Social Psychology
Understanding Group Formation and Cohesion | Social Psychology Basic Roots
Groupthink and Group Dynamics | Case Study of Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster
How Relationships are Similar to Business Deals | Social Exchange Theory

Mastering Social Persuasion: The Art of Influence and Change | Social Psychology

Art of Social Persuasion and Influence | How Attitudes and Formed and Influenced
Compliance Tactics and Obedience to Authority | Art of Persuasion & Influence
Mechanisms and Theories of Conformity | Dual-process Dependency Model Explained

Leadership Types, Compliance Tactics and Obedience | Social Psychology

Leadership in Groups | Case Study of Nelson Mendella | Psychology of Influence
Conflict Resolution | Strategies for Conflict Resolution and Cooperation
Power Dynamics and Leadership Effectiveness. | Social Psychology of Leadership

Exploring Social Factors: Key Influences on Human Behavior | Social Psychology

Language and Communication | Impact of Language on Our Societal Communications
Cultural Norms and Social Values | The Ultimate Social Fibre in Societies
Prejudice & Discrimination | Theories & Inclusivity Strategies | Social Sciences

Future Trends and Conclusion in Social Psychology | The Way Forward | Conclusion

Social Psychology and Organizational Behavior and Team Dynamics | Applications
Future Directions in Social Psychology | Course Conclusion | Social Psychology

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