Social Media Marketing Advertising 2022: Get More Customers!

Ground-Breaking B2B Social Media Marketing to Acquire Tons of New Customers | Learn from a Former VP of Marketing & MBA

What you will learn

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising

B2B Marketing

B2B Advertising

Social Media Management


This is the ultimate course on business-to-business social media marketing. I’ve been doing B2B marketing on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook for over a decade. I was a Vice President of Marketing for a Google accelerator startup, and I was a Global Marketing Manager for Sony. I also held numerous positions helping small startups with their social media marketing.

I taught college-level digital marketing, and I studied digital marketing and B2B marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, the #1-ranked business school for marketing. This is also where Philip Kotler teaches.

The primary focus of this course is how to acquire customers or clients quickly and cost-effectively using social media marketing & advertising. However, I’m also going to explain longer-term strategies for B2B brand building and using social media marketing KPIs to drive this.

This course will evolve over time, but the key components right now are:

  • LinkedIn lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Advanced LinkedIn advertising methods
  • Facebook for cost-effective B2B social media marketing
  • A bit about Twitter ads and using Instagram within the Facebook advertising platform
  • Lots and lots of real examples of projects I personally worked on…and case studies that I pulled from other sources including Facebook itself

This course is for anyone involved in B2B social media marketing, including marketing managers and consultants.

Let’s get started!

Dekker Fraser




LinkedIn Quick Fixes

Most common mistakes with LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn mistakes

Fixing LinkedIn problem 1 with lead gen forms

Fixing LinkedIn problem 2 with negative targeting

Fixing LinkedIn problem 3 with bidding

Fixing LinkedIn problems 4 & 5 with nurturing

LinkedIn Video Ads

Creating a simple LinkedIn video ad in Canva

Simple & successful LinkedIn video ad example

Storytelling LinkedIn video ad example

LinkedIn Video Ad for Maximizing Views

Marketing Video Example

LinkedIn Message/Inbox Ads & Conversation Ads

LinkedIn Message Ad Example

LinkedIn Message Ad Example 2


LinkedIn Conversation Ads

“How I Generated 5X Return From One LinkedIn Conversations Ads Campaign”

LinkedIn WARNING about message ad KPIs!

LinkedIn: More Warnings

LinkedIn Text Ads

LinkedIn Text Ad Examples

LinkedIn Text Ads – UTM Tracking and Insights Tag

LinkedIn Image & Carousel Ads

LinkedIn image ads 1

LinkedIn image ads 2

LinkedIn image ad campaign example (SaaS consulting)

LinkedIn Carousel ads

LinkedIn General Advertising

Choosing the right LinkedIn campaign objective

LinkedIn Targeting

Warning about the default campaign group in LinkedIn

LinkedIn Pre-filled forms!

LinkedIn Audience Network

LinkedIn email scraping

LinkedIn matched audiences

LinkedIn account assets – led gen forms

LinkedIn website demographics

LinkedIn Account Based Marketing

LinkedIn company/account targeting

ABM campaign to target accounts

Setting up the ABM campaign

Setting up the ABM ad

Finishing a conversation ad

Conversation Ads

Measuring ad performance

Persona level targeting


3 things worth testing

LinkedIn Advanced – Full-Funnel Advertising & Video

Avoid Gating Content


Assignment: Ungated LinkedIn Content

Direct-Response vs Brand Awareness

Direct Response

Out of Market Buyers


Assignment: In-Market Buyers

In Market Targeting

Which of the following is generally consider “MOFU” or middle-of-funnel content?

Awareness Advertising

Awareness Marketing Stages

Frequency & Reach


Awareness Campaign Example

Video as Direct Response

Cheaper Video Views Campaign

Video Views

Video Creative

Different Objective, Same Outcome

Comparing Video Metrics across Platforms

Comparing Videos within a Campaign

Lower CPC Creative

Comparing Video Views between Campaigns

When to Use LinkedIn Ads vs Other Ads

When to Use LinkedIn Ads vs Other Ads

5 Ways to Boost B2B Awareness on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advanced – Research & Testing

When Everything Fails


Using LinkedIn Ads for Research?


Economies of Scale

Where to Use LinkedIn for Research

LinkedIn Advanced – Targeting Considerations

Negative Targeting

Positive Targeting

Demographic Targeting

LinkedIn Advanced – Bidding, New Ad Types, Key Pointers, Boosts

Event Ads


Spotlight Ads

Key Pointers

High Level Considerations in B2B Marketing

Boosting Organic Posts

LinkedIn Tech Industry Examples

Stage 1

Stage 2

Facebook B2B Advertising

Objectives 1

Facebook Ad Objectives & Stages of Awareness

Objectives 2

Objectives 3


Lead Gen Targeting 1

Lead Gen Forms

Automatic Lead Nurturing

Typical Nurture Sequence

Message Conversation Ads

OPTIONAL: 30% increase in revenue by marketing to customers with WhatsApp

Look Alike Targeting

Look Alike Targeting

“Best practices for building B2B Lookalike audiences”

Native Targeting & Instagram

B2B Facebook Native Targeting Examples

Two Lead Gen Ads

3 Things to Test in Direct Response

Offers Based on Levels of Awareness

Hard Offer Ads

Medium Offers

Group Demos

Form Incompletes

Measuring Success


Retargeting 2

Facebook Pixel

Funnel Content

Out of Market Buyers

Clickup Example

Video Campaigns

Brand Marketing Shift in KPIs

Facebook Benchmarks

More Benchmarks

A Million Impressions Campaign Example

Facebook Awareness

Successful Ads Examples

B2B Brand Creative

B2B Mascots & Emotions

Make Your B2B Brand FAMOUS

Other Lessons from the B2B Institute

Sales Conversations

How to Win the Ad Auction


Case Study: “How used custom creative to win over realtors”

Twitter B2B Advertising

Twitter Ads

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