Six-Figure Solopreneur

The fastest way to build a Solopreneur business that sets you free.
What you will learn

What you will learn


If you want to start your own business, but don’t know how to get started or what the path looks like – this course is for you.

There’s no shortage of cookie-cutter advice for Entrepreneurs that is devastating to the Solopreneur. I faced this myself. I started my business in 2006. After trying to build the way the Entrepreneurs told me to, I ended up $100K in debt and hating every minute of it. I made a decision to completely rebuild the way I wanted, and I’ve never looked back. I built a Solopreneur model that allowed me to work exactly how I wanted, with people I wanted, and for clients I wanted.

After 16 years, I’ve managed to bill over $3.5 million, all while living exactly how I wish.

I want the same for you!

I built this course to provide the fastest way for you to go from where you are now to running a solo business that sets you free. It utilizes The Solopreneur Framework: the system that has given me the life of my dreams and has proven to help many others along the way. Each stage builds on resources you already have so you can move quickly and build momentum.

Take your first step toward the life YOU want!



Course Overview

What Is Solopreneurship?

What Is Solopreneurship?
Benefits of Solopreneurship
Examples of Solopreneurs

The 4 Phases of Solopreneurship

Introduction to The 4 Phases of Solopreneurship

The Solopreneur Framework

Introduction to The Solopreneur Framework

Phase 1: Your Marketable Skill

Understanding Value and Your Marketable Skill
Marketable Skill Frequently Asked Questions
The Solopreneur Framework Actions – Marketable Skill

Phase 2: Establish Initial Value

Establishing Value With Your Marketable Skill
Finding Opportunities to Practice Your Marketable Skill
Example Ways to Practice Your Marketable Skill
What To Look For In An Opportunity
Paying Your Bills While Your Learn
Mindset: Investing In Your Future and Dealing With Rejection
The Solopreneur Framework Actions – Phase 2: Establish Initial Value

Phase 3: Freelancing

Introduction To Freelancing
What Is Freelancing?
Why Start With Freelancing?
Why Are Freelancers Hired?
What Makes A Good Freelancer?
What Are The Limitations Of Freelancing?
Getting Started As A Part-Time Freelancer
Introduction To Full-Time Freelancing
Full-Time Freelancing Workload
How To Land Your First Freelancing Client
Reasons For Failing To Land Freelancing Opportunities
The Solopreneur Framework Actions – Phase 3: Freelancing

Phase 4: Solo Business

Introduction To Solo Business
The Solo Business Foundation
Client Management, Soft Skills, and Scoping Projects
Project Management
Time Management, Systems, and Technology
Financial Management
Attracting Business Clients
The Solopreneur Framework Actions – Phase 4: Solo Business

Course Conclusion

The Future Belongs To The Solopreneur
Thank You and Using The Solopreneur Framework Sheet

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