Sew a pocket into an outfit

What do we want?! More pockets! Learn how to sew a pocket into an outfit in a few simple steps.

What you will learn

Basic sewing skills

Learn to sew a pocket

Sew a pocket into the side seam of a dress

Up-cycle your clothes


Have you ever found the perfect outfit but it has a huge flaw? No pockets! Why don’t so many of the dresses I buy have pockets in! Well, now is the time to transform your wardrobe and learn how to add pockets to your favourite items of clothing.

This course will enable you to transfer your existing dresses into dresses with pockets!

In a few simple lessons learn how to choose fabric, cut a pattern, sew a pocket and add a pocket to your favourite dresses. Once you are comfortable with the techniques, you will be able to add pockets to your clothes in less than a hour.

This course is designed for absolute beginners but is suitable for all levels. Don’t worry if you have never sewn before as I make the whole process very simple by cutting it down into seven easy to follow steps.

You will need:

– access to a sewing machine*

– thread

– scissors or cutting knife and board

– measuring tape

– a pocket-less dress

– pocket fabric of your choice

– Iron and ironing board

– Stitch un-picker

– Pocket pattern

– Pins

– Dress makers chalk or a pencil

* If you don’t have a sewing machine you can hand sew instead. You will need a needle and thread (same colour as your fabric). When sewing make sure the stitches are close together and I would recommend sewing over your stitches two or three times to reinforce your pocket.

This course will guide you slowly and carefully through the process and I will be on hand to answer any questions you have.

Once you have mastered sewing pockets into your clothes, why not use your new sewing skills and try my ‘How to make a tri-layered face mask’ course.





Cutting the pockets

Cutting the pockets

Sewing the pockets

Sewing the pockets

Placing the pockets

Placing the pockets

Attaching the pockets

Attaching the pockets

Pressing the pocket

Pressing the pocket

The second pocket

The second pocket

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