Setup GNS3 on MAC, Windows, Ubuntu Desktop/Server

Learn to install and use GNS3

What you will learn

How to setup and use GNS3 on different environments

How to import appliances on GNS3

Settings used for different appliances

How to use GNS3


Hi, I am a new instructor on Udemy, and I am preparing some interesting courses for you, I hope that this course and the future one will come in handy for you.

Meanwhile I want to be of a little help to everyone who is struggling with GNS3 installation and use, and give you some tips and tricks on how to use it.

GNS3 is a pretty well made application for virtualisation, if you are a network engineer as I am, or a SystemAdmin, if you want to run different VMs including Windows or Linux if you want to just play with new stuff on internet, you are welcomed to take this course.

We will start with installation of GNS3 on various frequently used Operating Systems: Windows, MAC OS, Linux, after that i will show you how to import Juniper, Windows, Ubuntu appliances, modify the blueprint for ease of use in your future projects.

GNS3 requires 2 components to run, GNS3 VM and GNS3 Client on Windows and MacOS, GNS3 Client and GNS3 Server on Linux. GNS3 server can be ran on any Linux based system local or cloud, and can be accessed remotely by the GNS3 Client, if it have an reachable IP address.

Hop in and lets go!





Install GNS3

Install GNS3 on Windows
Install GNS3 on MAC OS with Intel Processor
Install GNS3 on Ubuntu Desktop
Install GNS3 on Ubuntu Server

Importing appliances

Importing Routers, Switches, Firewalls and the settings to use


Final Note

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