SEO Training: Complete SEO Course & SEO Copywriting MASTERY

What you will learn

Step by step WALKTHROUGHS to help you LEARN 210 SEO FACTORS using my “easy to understand” approach.


WHITE HAT STRATEGIES to make your SEO fully compliant with Google Quality Guidelines.

UPSKILL and use your knowledge to BOOST YOUR BUSINESS or SWITCH CAREERS and become a #1 SEO Expert – work as an SEO freelancer or land that highly paid job.

LEARN SEO for VOICE & VIDEO Search and gain a VITAL edge for your business with these rapidly growing mediums.

INCREASE your C-T-R by making Featured Snippets work for your business.

UNLEASH the full power of Google Rank Brain with my SECRET INSIDER TIPS.

LEARN how to MASTER the Google Search Console configuration so you can benefit from its full power.


Discover how to create engaging content that is optimised for PEAK SEARCH ENGINE PERFORMANCE AND SHARE-ABILITY.

LEARN WordPress SEO Yoast & WordPress Security and achieve OPTIMUM performance for your Blog or Website.

CREATE STUNNING, fully responsive, MOBILE OPTIMISED websites on WordPress without any coding knowledge.

LEARN how to use Proceed on-page, Content & Image SEO, using my practical hands on approach – watch over my shoulder then copy my techniques for FAST SUCCESS!

HARNESS the power of Rich Snippets and FEATURED SNIPPETS and gain FREE PROMOTION for your business!

Get my COMPLETE GUIDE TO MASTERING Google My Business using Google Maps.

DISCOVER how to use powerful SEO tools for greatly improved SEO performance.


This is my Complete SEO Course 2021 available with up-to-date SEO information on the latest 2021 SEO strategy, like voice search, mobile SEO, video SEO, YouTube SEO, video featured snippets on Google, featured snippets on Google, image SEO, and visual search.

Dear Students,

Hi, Tomas Moravek here, Internet Efficiency 2016 Award Winning Digital Strategist, to introduce my brand new, updated, SEO MASTERY Course.

I’ve put so much passion, energy, and time in to creating this SEO Training for you and I can’t wait until you join my thousands of satisfied students so you can see for yourself why my strategies really work.


When you enrol, you’ll get actionable White Hat SEO Strategies that have been proven to work and will generate you the measurable results I know you want to see.

White Hat SEO tactics are the most effective as they comply with the major search engine’s terms and conditions and have been fully approved by them. Not only that, they focus on a human audience as opposed to search engines, so are far more effective at organically growing your reach than Black Hat or Grey Hat techniques.

Focusing on relevancy and organic ranking, these techniques are fully search engine optimised and are the BEST APPROACH to take if you’re looking to build sustainable, long term growth for your brand. With White Hat techniques, you’ll also see much more of a return on your investment in your marketing budget later down the road.

In my course, you’ll gain a grounding in White Hat basics, then you’ll learn a host of the most modern SEO strategies so you can enhance your SEO performance in EVERY area, including in VIDEO SEARCH and VOICE SEARCH and by using Google Featured Snippets and Rich Snippets.

A contemporary SEO approach goes far beyond content, touching every area of your digital presence, and t you need to learn how to play the game right, or you’ll be struggling to get seen amid all the noise.

I’ve structured the course format so it takes you right through EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO BECOME AN EXPERT IN SEO, and I’ve made sure my material is suitable for everyone to learn from, even complete beginners.

What will you get when you enrol?

This is my most comprehensive, up-to-date SEO course out there that contains tried and tested strategies that will dramatically boost your SEO results.

Study with me and…

You’ll find out why WHITE HAT SEO techniques are so important, and you’ll learn how to use them to build sustainable growth and drive traffic to your website.

✔ You’ll discover how to get QUALITY BACK LINKS from high authority sites like WIKIPEDIA, NEWS, and EDU that will organically increase your search engine position.

✔ You’ll learn how to BUILD PERFECT WEBSITES and WordPress sites, that will generate you a stream of interested visitors and you’ll become proficient in WordPress Security and Yoast.

✔ You’ll learn why it’s important to focus on topics rather than keywords and you’ll learn how to create SEO friendly content that automatically generates the right kind of TARGETED, NICHE TRAFFIC.

✔ You’ll get access to my powerful step by step SEO system for generating FIRST PAGE GOOGLE RANKINGS – which will bring in an ongoing stream of traffic (and revenue) for your business. You’ll learn how to MASTER the latest Google Biggie algorithm, and the Google Search Console configuration, and you’ll learn how to tweak your SEO approach to get found quicker on Google.

✔ You’ll learn the latest SEO strategies for video and voice search and will discover how to optimise Google Featured Snippets to give your organic click-through rate a serious boost. There’s a reason Featured Snippets are often referred to as position #0 in Google, and when you enrol in my course, I’ll teach you how to game them so your business can benefit.

✔ I’ll teach you how to use SEO correctly with Google Maps, so you can benefit from this powerful tool that will help you organically attract new local customers and will GET YOUR BUSINESS FOUND FAST.

✔ When you enrol, you’ll receive POWERFUL TECHNIQUES to enhance your eCommerce SEO, so you can attract a stream of new customers and drive serious traffic to your business.

✔ There’s so much more, plus I am constantly updating my course content, so there is always something new to learn and discover.

What can you expect?

If you want more traffic from Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Bing!, Yahoo, and more, this course will deliver.

Using easy to understand video presentations and screen recordings, where you can literally watch over my shoulder, I’ll lay out ALL MY EFFECTIVE, TESTED, AND PROVEN SEO STRATEGIES so that you can copy them to turbocharge your SEO results.

I’ve created my content to be super easy-to-learn from, so you can begin to use it immediately as your step by step SEO blueprint to success.

Use the knowledge you’ll find in my course to supercharge your own business, by getting a continuous stream of free SEO traffic. Or, make money as an SEO expert, working from anywhere as a freelance consultant, or land a highly paid job in the SEO industry.

With 40+ hours of training, strategies, explanations, advice, summaries, quizzes, animations and step by step blueprints you can follow – this is a VALUE-STUFFED course. I’ve taken care to cover EVERY aspect of modern SEO technique you’ll need to know in order to thrive online.

Should you sign up?

✔ Do you need help understanding how SEO works?

✔ Maybe you’d like to know how to find effective strategies that actually deliver results?

✔ Would you like to brush up your SEO skills so you can make full use of the most modern techniques, including video and voice search?

✔ Do you wish you knew how to benefit from all the potential SEO offers, but are confused where to begin?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, this course is for you!

With nothing to lose, why not RESERVE YOUR EXCLUSIVE SPOT on my COMPLETE SEO MASTERY course NOW at this special discount price and get:

✔ Lifetime access

✔ Lifetime updates

✔ 32+ hours of SEO training, video, blueprints, walkthroughs, tips, tricks, advices, animations, quizzes, step-by-step guides and strategies

✔ The latest, most cutting-edge SEO techniques, including voice and video search, and Google Featured Snippets and Rich Snippets

✔ Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section plus my FULL SUPPORT and guidance if you need to ask me anything

✔ Access to ALL my online course material

✔ Most of my SEO explanations & SEO strategies in a handy PDF for download and easy reference

✔ Udemy certificate of completion ready for download

✔ Full 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied

There’s no risk and everything to gain, by enrolling in my course. Just think, you could soon have all my secret knowledge and insider SEO SUCCESS STRATEGIES at your fingertips, so you can start putting them to use and reaping the rewards.

SEO can help you supercharge your business, if you know how to make the most of it. Enrol in my Complete Guide to SEO Training.

I am here to help you to understand SEO in very clear & easy to follow way,

Ing. Tomas Moravek & the whole TEAM



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Purchasing Avada & Webhosting
3 Installing Avada on WordPress & Installing the Demo
Activating Demo
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Responsive Website with Great User Experience including Mobile is a MUST
ASSURE your Website is running + Speed Check – Pingdom Service
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SEO Yoast Academy – Free Course for Beginners
Code Optimisation
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Plugin Installation
Google Search Console (Former Google Webmaster Tools)
Google Search Console
Google Search Console Setup
Uploading Site Map into Google Search Console
SEO Yoast Setup 1
SEO Yoast Setup 2
Google Search Console Statistics
Website Content Optimisation
Content Structure of your Website
Website Structure & Correct Content Organisation
Content, Headlines, Meta, Title, etc.
Content Optimisation of ONE Page
Name Well Page URL
Accomplishing the Complete Page Optimisation
WordPress Website General Settings
SEO Yoast Summary & Redirection
Tip – Decrease Bounce Rate & Improve your Content
Image SEO
Describe Well Media – Pictures, Movies, PDFs, Docs., etc.
Describing Media in WordPress
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Google Analytics
Introduction into Google Analytics
Google Analytics
WordPress Website Speed Optimisation for Better SEO Performance
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Using the Cache
Using the WP Optimize
Compressing Pictures through WP Smush – Introduction
Image Compression – WP Smush
Improving speed using CDN (mainly for international projects)
AKISMET & Get Ready for Firewall Protection
WordPress Security
WordPress Security Introduction
WordPress Security
Plugin Installation
Settings & User Account
User Settings
Database & File System Security
Firewall & Brute Force Settings
SPAM & Mall-ware Protection
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Introduction into Rich Snippets
Introduction into Rich Snippets 2
What are Structured Data (Rich Snippets)?
Why to use Structured Data?
Kinds of Structured Data
Structured Data in Details
Products – E-commerce
Events / Courses
Code Samples Introduction
Online Code Generators
Code 1 – Page Information
Code 2 – Recipes
Code 3 – Reviews
Code 4 – E-commerce
Code 5 – Events
Google Testing Tool
Just DO IT!
SEO & SMO – Social Proofs = Positive Reputation Management
Social Proofs Introduction
Great Benefit of Using Different Kinds of Social Proofs
9 Examples of Great Social Proofs
Good Reputation
Power of Videos / Reports / Stories / Customer Recommendations
Hotels & Public Places
Customer Satisfaction
SEO & SMO – The Power of Printed Materials
The Power of Printed Materials – Introduction
Power of Hashtags in Printed Marketing Materials
Placing Social Media Information into all Printed Marketing Materials
SEO Wikipedia Link Building MASTERY
Introduction into Link Building
How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia
SMART Wikipedia Link Building MASTERY
SEO & SMO – Link Building through Sharing Buttons
Introduction into Social Media Link Building
Share Buttons – Introduction
Let All your Visitors Create Social Mentions for You
Place Sharing Buttons into your Website as much as you CAN!
SEO & SMO – Facebook Link Building
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Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Optimisation Together
Facebook Business Page Content Optimisation
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SEO & SMO – LinkedIn Link Building
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Summary – POWER of Facebook, Instagram & YouTube
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SEO Backlinks Definitive Summary
SEO Link Building MASTERY
Link Building MASTERY Introduction
Backlinks SMART Strategy 1
Backlinks SMART Strategy 2
YouTube SEO & Video SEO & Video Marketing
Please Understand the Power of Video Marketing 1
YouTube SEO & Video SEO & Video Marketing SEO Introduction
YouTube SEO & Video SEO 1
YouTube SEO & Video SEO 2
YouTube SEO & Video SEO 3
YouTube SEO & Video SEO 4
YouTube SEO & Video SEO 5
YouTube SEO & Video SEO 6
YouTube SEO & Video SEO 7
YouTube SEO & Video SEO 8
Advanced SEO – Ecommerce SEO
Introduction into E-commerce SEO
Ecommerce SEO 1
Ecommerce SEO 2
Ecommerce SEO 3
Ecommerce SEO 4
Ecommerce SEO 5
Ecommerce SEO 6
Ecommerce SEO 7
Ecommerce SEO 8
Ecommerce SEO 9
Ecommerce SEO 10
Ecommerce SEO 11
Advanced SEO – Mobile SEO
Mobile SEO Introduction
Mobile SEO 1
Mobile SEO 2
Mobile SEO 3
Mobile SEO 4
Mobile SEO 5
Advanced SEO – Google RankBrain
Google RankBrain Introduction
Google RankBrain 1
Google RankBrain 2
Google RankBrain 3
Google RankBrain 4
Google RankBrain 5
Google RankBrain 6
Google RankBrain 7
Advanced SEO – Voice Search
Voice Search 1
Voice Search 2
Voice Search 3
Voice Search 4
Voice Search 5
Voice Search 6
Advanced SEO – Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools)
Google Search Console 1
Google Search Console 2
Google Search Console 3
Google Search Console 4
Google Search Console 5
Local SEO Google my Business (Google Maps) Introduction
Introduction into Google my Business Local Search Engine Optimisation
Why to use and boost Google My Business – get absolute maximum here and now
Local SEO Google my Business (Google Maps) – Super Fast Track
Local SEO Google my Business (Google Maps) – Super Fast Track Introduction
Local SEO Google my Business (Google Maps) – Super Fast Track
Local SEO Google my Business (Google Maps) – Step-by-step Guide for Beginners
Local SEO Google my Business (Google Maps) – Step-by-step Guide for Beginners
Local SEO Google my Business (Google Maps) – Step-by-step Guide for Beginners 1
Local SEO Google my Business (Google Maps) – Step-by-step Guide for Beginners 2
Local SEO – 32 Quick & Powerful Steps
Local SEO Introduction
Local SEO – 32 Steps – Part 1
Local SEO – 32 Steps – Part 2
Local SEO – 32 Steps – Part 3
Local SEO – 32 Steps – Part 4
Local SEO – 32 Steps – Part 5
Local SEO – 32 Steps – Part 6
SEO & User Experience & Positive Reputation Summary
SEO & User Experience & Positive Reputation Summary
How to Start SEO & Social Media Agency
How to Start SEO & Social Media Agency
Watch me Over the Shoulder – Google my Business Optimisation for RE/MAX Atrium
Congratulations! You have MASTERED the SEO! Benefit from my Facebook ads Courses
SUPERCHARGE you Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads with Me
The Ultimate SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing MASTERY
Get on Real Estate Business with TOP with Facebook Ads
The Complete Video Production & Video Marketing Course

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