Secrets to Becoming an Exceptional Learner- Brain & Memory

Learn how to study for exams in college and high school. Boost your brain, grades, and be a super student!

What you will learn

Learn how to study for exams, and to recall information faster and longer

Unlock the secrets of how the world’s memory champions and top achievers are able to memorize data

Overcome test anxiety, and start enjoy learning by studying smarter not harder

Understand how to boost your brain functionality, focus, and your self- esteem

Discover what type of learner you are, so that you can understand what technique your brain favors in learning

Learn the mistakes that you’ve been doing in learning, and which made you feel inferior to others.

Boost your grades, productivity, and be a super student

Differentiate yourself by learning and memorizing faster than your peers

Learn the right study skills for ADHDers, high schoolers, and college students

Turn your ADHD into a super power by choosing the right study techniques

Improve your time management skills


This course was created to help college, high school, and middle school students learn the right study skills and powerful mental tools to boost their brains, productivity, memory, and focus. Delivering enriched information in short animated videos to help ADHDers and students easily grasp some of the complex techniques presented while truly enjoying life-changing learning techniques!

We utilized our expertise in the field of neuroscience and pharmacy to help you choose the right learning strategies based on your personality, how to recall information faster, and how to use your time efficiently.  This course will unlock all the secrets of intelligent people, so you could be one of them soon.

Whether you are a college student who’s been constantly overwhelmed, trying to remember extensive study materials & falling behind your peers! Or dreaming of getting a degree for a better career that promises a bright future. Or your aim is to set yourself apart by learning multiple languages to explore the world, and to deepen your connection to other cultures!

We value the unlimited potential your brain has, and aim to make an impact on your future. We truly believe that you’re the captain of your own ship, so be an action-taker and discover your hidden intelligence!

See you on the other side of success!




Course Introduction
Get to know me- Dina Alsalih
Types of Memories in The Brain
Why do you keep forgetting, and how to lock information in your brain?
How to memorize a tremendous amount of information in short time? Part 1
How to memorize a tremendous amount of information in short time? Part 2
How to master any major exam or subject?
How to memorize information in particular order or long lists of numbers?
How to memorize the definitions of topics, and the spellings of complex terms?
How to organize information, and brainstorm ideas before studying?
Discover what types of learner are you? Part 1
Discover what types of learner are you? Part 2

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