Research On Mindsets From Top Scientists And Universities

Latest scientific research on mindsets including growth mindset and how to use mindsets as a tool to improve our lives

What you will learn

Learn how your mindset can change your bodily response

Learn about the benefits of stress and use it to help you achieve goals

Cutting edge research about mindsets

Placebo and Nocebo effects on your mindset and work


Mindsets are our notions and assumptions about the world. In this course, you will learn about which mindsets help you by giving the the right motivation and confidence to approach any situation.

Throughout the course, we’ll go over a number of studies that show how changing one’s mindset, you can change how your body physically responds.

Think about that: your mindset can alter your physiology. In other words, your mindsets can alter your physiology. That’s incredible.


You will be able to apply helpful mindsets to your health and fitness, business and career, goal setting, stress management, confidence, and motivation to achieve anything that is important to you.



We’ll also go over research of the growth mindset which helps you get better results by making the possibility of improvement feel attainable. And we’ll go over how to get rid of fixed mindsets which are points of view that your situation can’t be improved.


We’ll be exploring research coming out from different world-renowned researchers on the topic of mindset like Dr. Alia J. Crum, Carol Dwex, and many others.


You’ll learn how to embrace new and useful mindsets that will be foundational to all your work to improve your life and achieve your goals. And since the all the research shown in this course is Science-based, so you can confidently use it.

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Introduction and welcome

Introduction and welcome to this mindsets course
Definition of mindsets

Growth mindsets

Dr. Carol Dweck’s research on growth mindsets vs. fixed mindsets

Placebo Effect and Nocebo relationship to mindsets

Introduction to the Placebo Effect and its relationship to mindsets
The Nocebo Effect and its relationship to mindsets
Study of stressed finance employees, and the impact of different mindsets
The discouragement Nocebo

Research on mindsets

Milkshake study and the impact of mindsets on physiology
Study about hotel workers and mindsets on exercise
Let’s challenge and test mindsets in more complex scenarios
More research on the Placebo and Nocebo impact on sleep and everyday life

More on mindsets and stress responses

Example of a correct stress response by using growth and other mindsets
How a mindset that stress can be enhancing can be correctly motivating
How to set goals correctly to leverage the power of mindsets
How to create self-perpetuating mindsets that improve your life more and more


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