Release Weight and Stress with Active Meditation! CERTIFIED

You never thought it’s possible. Let me show you that meditation can be anything you want it to be.

What you will learn


active meditation techniques

what meditation truly is

how to manage stress, release it from the body

how to help yourself with anxiety and panic attacks

see the word “awareness” in a new light


Do you think meditation is a boring affair?

Do you believe meditation is not for everyone?

Do you feel you don’t have time to meditate?

Do you think you know what meditation really is?…

How is that possible that you can lose extra kg’s with meditation?

Are you suffering from post COVID trauma: panic attacks, broken sleep patterns, sensitivity to sounds, OCD, and other symptoms?

Let me show you how I successfully dealt with it all.

Dear friend,

I’ve created this short course to answer these and more questions for you, and expand (and maybe change completely) your understanding of what meditation really means, what it is practiced, what it brings.

We are going to talk little and practice more.

Take this ride with me:


– learn and practice 3 powerful meditation techniques that will work not only on your emotional state but also on your body,

– get slim while meditating (these specific mediation techniques have this effect),

– release stress in the most fun and profound way,

– get rid of anger, emotional pain, physical pain, anxiety and panic attacks,

– open awareness from a new angle,

– enjoy yourself while doing so.

The techniques that I want to offer you are so incredible in their benefits but don’t take my word for it! Practce and see for yourself. I call them “my home pharmacy” for a reason.

The course is short but holds the key to something important in your life. If you feel I am speaking to you, you are welcome to join in and take on this journey with me.

Looking forward to seeing you,


Let’s dive right in
Mythology around meditation
What we are doing in this course
Active meditations – the why’s and how’s
What celebrities say about meditation
Let’s meditate
Meditation technique #1: dancing god
Meditation technique #2: feeling the drums
Meditation technique #3: cosmic sounds
It’s just the beginning
What is next?

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