Relationship Selling: 3x Sales Using Social Media Profiling

Uncover the sales secrets used by salespeople in the top Insurance, Financial and Real Estate Firms in Asia.

What you will learn

How to 3x your sales conversion rates using the same system taught in top insurance and financial firms like Citibank, Prudential and AIA.

The 4 client types to reduce sales uncertainty. Learning how to read your client’s profile even before you meet them

Uncover the hidden psychological hacks for each individual that drastically influences their purchase decisions without them knowing!

Profile your clients in 5 minutes or less, so you know how to speak their language and stand out among your competition


Introduction to the Human Intelligence System (HIS)

People make purchases based on their psychology and decision-making process. These decisions are made at the subconscious level and only justified at the conscious level.

The Human Intelligence System takes this ancient knowledge and crafts it into a modern, compelling sales system. It will empower you to tap on your client’s subconscious and influence them powerfully without them even knowing it.

This system has helped salespeople in AIA (Largest Public Listed Life Insurance and Securities Group in APAC) improve conversion rates by 10-33% for the last 8 years.

3x Your Sales Conversion Rates Using The Art of Social Media Profiling

With the rise of social media, technology has become an extension of one’s self.

People are literally telling you what they enjoy, how they like to be pitched and how much can they pay you.

Imagine if you could turn all this valuable information into $$$ for your product or service.

How would that change your life?


– Learn the skill that all top performers need to possess: the art of profiling people.

– Stop wasting time and effort on the ‘numbers game’ because your skills are not adequate.

– Develop strong long-term relationships with clients so they buy from you time and time again.

Client Testimonials

“I applied this technique and identified that 2 of my clients are wizard and healer. Straight away, I used the language that triggers them and managed to strike a business venture, saving $5000 in less than 3 hours. I’m very impressed that when I’m speaking, I can get them to be so excited about me. I got value from this in less than 1 day!”

Winson Yeung
E-Commerce Entrepreneur

“I’ve done the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) a few times, brokered a couple of business deals with a combined value in the $1000000s.

I use this system to plan how to bring information across to the 4 human natures. Also, how to modify my experience with clients so it serves them the best way possible.

Even today, I use this to facilitate a better meeting – a more effective, happy, and less threatening session with clients and teammates.

This has not only helped me understand my team better but also my clients better!”

Jaydee Quek
AIA Financial Services Manager
MDRT 2012-2015, 10 Years in Industry

“I have learned how to sell the way my client wants me to. Different personality has different lingos that require us to present information in their easiest frequency. It puts a language to what we have been applying before on a trial and error basis. Now we have a more structured approach and know why we close or don’t close a case.”

Senior Financial FSC, MDRT
AIA Insurance

“As property agents, we don’t know what are the hot buttons to press to get our customers to come down and view our houses…After categorising my client, I just did a very simple thing.

It became the client that asked me to go down to the show flat, instead of me asking. In the end, I closed the deal and made a 5-digit commission.”

James Sim
Senior Marketing Director

About The Trainer

Ethan Lin is a dynamic speaker, author and trainer with 8 years’ experience on sales and leadership. He is a certified MBTI® Practitioner, trained and accredited by CPP Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

He also has obtained WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) by the Institute of Adult Learning, which is certified and endorsed by the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ), a national credential system.

Having trained some of the top financial institutions from DBS, Citibank, AIA and more. Ethan has extensive experience in working with salespeople to deliver top-notch results for his clients.

His Clients Include:

Clarins (Paris)



Tokyo Marine



Featured On:

The Asian Entrepreneur

8 Days

938 Live

Gold 90.5 FM



Introduction to the Human Intelligence System (HIS)

Introduction to the Human Intelligence System (HIS)
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Profile Your Client Using Social Media

Profiling Knights on Social Media
Profiling Explorers on Social Media
Profiling Healers on Social Media
Profiling Wizards on Social Media

EXTRA: How To Personalise Your Pitch To Each Client Type

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