Python Technical Interview Questions: The Ultimate Course

Take your Python technical interview tomorrow

What you will learn

Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Interview Process

Learn How to Build Your Technical Resume

Technical and Behavioral Interview Preparation and Strategies

Data Structures Technical Interview Questions

Object Oriented Design Interview Questions

Mapping, Sorting, Stacking and Searching Algorithms

Recursive and Mathematical Technical Interview Questions

Python Basics for Beginners

System Design and Memory Limits


Typically technical interview preparation starts well before the interview itself. A year before in fact. You need to get the right technical experience, apply to companies and begin preparing to actually solve questions. To prepare properly for a coding interview you need to do all of those tasks in chronological order:

  • 1+ years: Expand Network, Build projects outside work, Build portfolio
  • 3-9 months: Make target list of preferred companies, Practicing interview questions on Python
  • 1-3 months: Build resume, Conduct mock interviews, Write and fix mistake
  • 4 weeks: Continue practicing Python, Review your coding mistakes

As you can see preparing for cording interviews takes time especially to solve complex coding questions and fix your mistakesā€¦.In this course we will try to lower the amount of time you need to prepare. You will master Python interview questions within a week. You will look at the interview process as a whole and learn how interviews a conducted in the giant tech companies such as: Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft. You will understand the culture of their recruiters and interviewers.

Most recruiters will probably telly that candidates are evaluated into 4 aspects: prior experience, culture fit, coding skills and analytical ability. Those four components are all in play, but typically, the decision comes down to your coding skills and intelligence. Most of this course is devoted to improve your coding and algorithm skills.

We will use a uniques approach to make you learn quick. Even if you have years of experience as a software developer, coding interviews are a different beast. You need to practice! For that reason we dedicated most of the course sections to each individual Python topic highly used on interviews such as: Operations with Lists, Strings, Hashing, Sorting, Searching and more.

Join the complete Python Technical Interview Questions now and get your Coding Interview tomorrow!




Course Navigation
Source Code
Python and PyCharm Installation

Introduction to Python

Print Objects and Data Types
Taking Inputs From the User
Logical Operations
Exercise 1:Inputs and Logical Operations
Operations with Strings
Arithmetic Operations
Comparisons and Logical Operations
If Statements
Exercise 2: If Statements
Data Structures

The Interview Process

The Interview Process
Top 10 Interview Mistakes
Microsoft Interview
Amazon Interview
Google Interview
Apple Interview
Yahoo Interview
Building Your Resume
Behavioral Preparation
Technical Interview
Technical Questions: 5 Step Approach
The Five Algorithm Approaches

Mathematical Algorithms

Mathematical Problems Series AP
Sum of Digit is Palindrome or Not?
Print Kth Digit
Largest Prime Factor
Prime Numbers


Count Squares
Check Power
Overlapping Rectangles
Clock Angle
Trailing Zeros
Open Doors: Exercise Solution
Triangular Numbers
Fibonacci Numbers


Min and Max Values
Sum Array Elements
Rotate Array Elements
Count Triangles
Array Leader
Minimum Array Distance
Majority Element
Product Array Puzzle
Find Duplicates
Find Missing and Repeating Numbers
Buy and Sell Stock
Estimate Rain Water


Check for Anagram
Sort String in Descending Order
Merge Two Strings
Good or Bad String?
Extract Maximum
Reserve Words
strstr Function
Check for Subsequence
K Arguments
Uncommon Characters
Convert to Anagram
Non Repeating Character

Searching and Sorting

Smallest Missing Number
Searching a Number
Searching a Number with Binary Search
Missing a Number
Square Root of a Number
Find Transition Point
Common Elements
Binary Array Sorting
Sort an Array of 0s,1s and 2s
Bubble Sort
Insertion Sort
Selection Sort
Relative Sorting
Triplet Sum
Minimum Swaps


Array Subset
Check Arrays Equality
Find Missing Element
Non-Repeating Element
Print Anagrams Together
Elect The Winner
Key Pair
Count Pairs


Implement Stack Using Array
Implement Stack Using Linked List
Reverse a Stack
The Celebrity Problem
Immediate Smaller Element
Longest Valid Parentheses

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