Python Course From Zero | Python For All (Updated 2022)

Learn Python from the basics. Boost your career with professional Python skills.

What you will learn

Basic syntax and data types: students will learn the basic structure of a Python program and how to use variables to store data.

Control structures: students will learn how to use control structures like loops and conditional statements to control the flow of their program.

Functions: students will learn how to define and call their own functions, as well as how to use built-in functions in Python.

Modules and libraries: students will learn how to import and use pre-existing modules and libraries in their own programs.

Object-oriented programming: students will learn the concepts of classes and objects, and how to use them to model real-world situations.

Working with files: students will learn how to read and write data to files, and how to process and manipulate file contents.

Exception handling: students will learn how to handle errors and exceptions in their programs.

Debugging: students will learn how to use debugging tools and techniques to find and fix errors in their code.

Students will learn how to create real life projects and build a portfolio to present to potential employer


Our online Python course is designed for learners of all levels, whether you are new to programming or an experienced developer looking to learn Python.

This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about Python, with many lectures and hours of video. You’ll learn how to use Python for real-world tasks such as working with PDF files, sending emails, and scraping websites for information.

We’ve also included quizzes, tests, coding exercises, and homework assignments, as well as projects to build your Python portfolio.

Each lecture includes a full coding screencast, so you can learn in the way that works best for you. And, our course will help you get Python installed on your computer, no matter what operating system you use. By the end of the course, you’ll have a great understanding of the basics of Python, and you will be ready to tackle new challenges.

We will learn a lot of topics, including:

  • Basic syntax
  • Data types
  • Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Control structures (coming soon)
  • Functions (coming soon)
  • Modules (coming soon)
  • Libraries (coming soon)
  • Object-oriented programming (coming soon)
  • File input/output (coming soon)
  • Exception handling (coming soon)
  • Debugging (coming soon)
  • and more

This Python course offers lifetime access to a comprehensive collection of lectures.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn at your own pace and revisit the material anytime. Plus, with 30-day money-back guaranteed by Udemy, you can feel confident in your investment. If you’re not satisfied with the course, you’ll get your money back.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn Python in a way that will benefit your career and increase your knowledge. Enroll now and get started on your journey to becoming a proficient Python programmer.



Python Setup

Installing Python
Running python code

Python object and data structure basics

Python data types
Numbers in Python
Numbers practice
Numbers practice – Solution
Numbers in Python Quiz
Variable assignment
Strings – Introduction
Strings: Slicing and Indexing
Strings properties and methods
Strings Quiz
Print formatting with strings – Part 1
Print formatting with strings – Part 2
Lists in python – Part 2

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