Prokon Analysis and Design of 3 Stories R.C.C Building

Prokon Structural Design + Analysis of 3 Stories R.C.C Building (columns, Slab, Foundation, and beams)

What you will learn

Introduction to Structural design Concept

How we can begin with structural design of R.C.C element using Prokon

Modeling of R.C.C element in Prokon

Analysis and Design of the building in Prokon


This course teaches you all the things required for the structural analysis and design of a r.c.c structural building. This course, as the title says, doesn’t require you to have any prior experience in this software or any other structural design software. It will teach all the aspects of the software from very basic and will take you to the higher levels of the software as the course progresses. The course has been very systematically arranged so that you can best understand the software. Once you complete this course, you will have all the necessary knowledge to do structural design of a steel warehouse. You can work as a structural designer or can do the structural design of buildings on your own projects.

This course not just a tutorial on Prokon software but it is a complete understanding about structural design analysis, how civil engineer must begin with the project, how he/she must think, how we can determine the dimension of the element using the Prokon

PROKON is a Structural Analysis and Design Software, Which is Widely used and very Dependable software.

Easy to Learn and use, Very Helpful for Civil Engineers who wants to be Professional in Structural Analysis and Deliver Correct Designs asked For.

This Course is Filled with every Detail that will assure you the correct design along with being an Economic selection and more important is safe one.

In this Course your will achieve the Following :

1-Full Information on each Member.

2-Full Calculation Details.

3-Designing Each Members.

4-Detailing of the designed member.



Introduction part 1

Introduction part 1
How to install or update Prokon

Introduction 2

Introduction Definition of Waffle slabs, types, thickness of Waffle Slab
Introduction Waffle Slab Type 2 or Two Way Ribbed Slab
Introduction One Way Ribbed Slab
Introduction Flat Slab
Introduction Solid Slab

Intoduction 3

Introduction to Prokon
Modeling Part 1
Modeling Part 2
Modeling Part 3
Second method of modeling in Prokon

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