Professional Scrum Developer Certification

Master the Professional Scrum Developer Certification with comprehensive practice tests

What you will learn

Backlog refinement techniques and best practices

The importance of cross-functional and self-managed development teams

Principles of design and architecture in agile software development

Programming skills and best practices for effective coding

Strategies for ensuring quality in software development

Various testing techniques and methodologies

Fundamental concepts of empiricism and Scrum values

In-depth understanding of Scrum team, events, artifacts, and the definition of done


Welcome to the comprehensive practice test for the Professional Scrum Developer Certification! This test is designed to help you enhance your understanding and mastery of key concepts and skills required to excel in the world of agile software development using Scrum.

Backlog Refinement:

In this section, you will delve into the art of backlog refinement and discover techniques to identify, prioritize, and groom user stories effectively. You will gain insights into backlog refinement best practices that ensure a well-organized and ready-to-implement product backlog.

Cross-functional, Self-managed Development:

Learn the significance of cross-functional development teams and how they contribute to the success of Scrum projects. Discover strategies to foster self-management within teams and ways to promote effective team collaboration for efficient software delivery.

Design & Architecture:

Explore the principles and practices of designing and architecting software in an agile environment. Understand how to create flexible, scalable, and maintainable designs that align with business requirements and maximize customer value.


Dive into the world of programming in the context of Scrum development. This section covers coding best practices, clean code principles, effective debugging techniques, and the role of test-driven development in ensuring code quality.



Gain an in-depth understanding of the importance of quality in agile software development. Learn about various quality assurance techniques, continuous integration, and continuous delivery practices that enable high-quality product increments.


Discover different testing techniques and methodologies used in Scrum projects. From unit testing to acceptance testing, you will explore the various stages of the testing process, including test-driven development and test automation.


Understand the fundamental concepts of empiricism in Scrum and its role in decision-making. Explore how empirical feedback loops, transparency, and adaptation contribute to iterative and incremental software delivery.

Scrum Values, Scrum Team, Events, Artifacts, Done:

This section covers the core elements of Scrum, including the Scrum values, roles, team dynamics, events, artifacts, and the definition of done. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how these elements interact and support the agile development process.

This practice test is the perfect tool for individuals preparing for the Professional Scrum Developer certification, project managers aiming to lead successful Scrum development teams, and software developers looking to excel in their agile software development careers. It is also suitable for agile enthusiasts who wish to deepen their understanding of Scrum practices and principles.

With 80 thoughtfully crafted questions spanning across a wide range of topics, this practice test will evaluate your knowledge and help identify any areas that may require further study. Each question is designed to simulate the actual exam and assess your comprehension of the Professional Scrum Developer curriculum.

Join us on this learning journey, and become a master of the Professional Scrum Developer certification! Gain the confidence and knowledge to excel in your Scrum development career and make a real impact in the software industry. Enroll today and take your agile software development skills to the next level.

Professional Scrum Developer Certification

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