Professional Hijama and dry cupping therapy course

Professional Hijama and dry cupping therapy course
Hijama and dry cupping therapy: a hands on insight into the best practices and application for healing.

What you will learn

What is hijama?

The history of hijama

The theory behind hijama from traditional medicine perspectives

What modern science can tell us about hijama’s benefits

Contraindications to wet cupping/hijama

Patient consultation

Record keeping for treatments

Aftercare for hijama

How to perform hijama

What is hijama used to treat?

Where to cup patients for different health concerns

Cupping the head point using a lancet

Health and safety considerations for hijama

Traditional paradigms for best results for hijama

Equipment list, safe disposal and other considerations

UK legislation vis-a-vis hijama, insurance and advice regarding sharps disposal

Needlestick injury / sharps injury

Other guidelines to follow for good health – my own interpretation of an Islamic perspective


Hijama is a traditional healing modality from the Muslim world. Steeped in mystery and traditions modern medicine is now discovering its benefits in promoting improved circulation and blood quality. Hijama has been helpful as an adjunct treatment for many difficult to treat conditions. I will be discussing all aspects of the theory and hands on practicalities involved with performing this treatment sprinkled with a traditional Chinese medicine perspective. This course will enhance your understanding and give you confidence to perform this treatment. Packed with easy to reference diagrams I will break this down to make this easy to follow and support you along your journey. Hijama has many healing benefits and it is important to know not just who to cup, but when to cup them and how many cups to use.  I will be able to explain about the lunar calendar, it’s impact on cupping in strength and how seasonality and climatic effect are considerations for your treatment. Hijama is used in the Muslim culture to perform Al Ruqyah, getting rid of evil eye and dealing with Jinn. I will be delving into the sidr or black magic that can be treated with hijama and discussing relevant considerations. There is an additional section going over what is and what is not haram for your health. While hijama can help maintain health it is important to follow the traditional principals for good health.  This extra section is just my personal understanding from a non-muslim interpretation and merely voicing of my opinion and interpretation meant as a guideline for those wishing to go deeper on their personal wellness journey for themselves and their family.




The history of hijama

The history of hijama

Theory behind hijama

Theory from a TCM perspective

What modern science can tell us about hijama’s benefits

Modern results
Spleen and Kidney detoxification

Why is hijama so popular in the Muslim world?

Relative temperature superficial skin to deep organs in a hot country



Payment for hijama

Why it is ok to charge for hijama

Patient consultation

Consultation advice
Preparation, aftercare and explaining the possible side effects.

The San Jiao / Triple Warmer or Interstitium

The San Jiao

How to perform Hijama

Scratch Practice
How to dry cup
How to wet cup
Wet Cupping
Wet Cupping for shoulder pain
Wet Cupping for Shoulder pain continued
Master Tung Detox 1 and Detox 2
After hijama
Sunnah points
Hijama points
How many cups to use
Hijama points for different health conditions
Hijama points by grouping
Treatment notes
High risk points to avoid / for advance practitioners
What the colour of the blood can indicate
How to cup the head points
Head Cupping on a Bald head
Cupping Head with Hair

Health and safety considerations

Sharps disposal
UK insurance
UK licensable treatments
Why it is advisable to have a Hep B vaccination
What to do in case of a needle stick injury

Traditional paradigms for hijama

What are they in a nutshell?

General Health and Wellness

Dietary considerations
Fluoride, chemicals in deodorants (aluminium), un natural products
Gut: the microbiome
Lifestyle & spiritual wellbeing
Why some Muslims declined the Covid 19 Vaccine – my opinion
Modern life and technology 4G / 5G
Cultivating good practices: sleep & breathing
Veganism, hot yoga, excessive cold foods.


Farewell and Good Luck

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