Pre-underwrite a Mortgage with DU & LP

Learn how to read and understand Desktop Underwriter and Loan Product Advisor to get an approve status

What you will learn

You will learn how to read and interpret Desktop Underwriter & Loan Product Advisor findings.

You will learn what DU is and why it’s so important to loan processors, loan originators, or mortgage underwriters.

You will learn what a Desktop Underwriter & Loan Product Advisor recommendation is and what it means.

You will learn learn how to think like an underwriter when reviewing DU & LP messages.

You will review and master 4 examples of instructor-explained DU & LP findings.


Have you ever wanted to start learning underwriting skills that will open future job opportunities? This course goes over one of the most important steps in the underwriting process which is running, reading, and interpreting Desktop Underwriter and Loan Product Advisor findings.

This is the course you need to start closing loans!

This course teaches you how to pre-underwrite a loan before it’s reviewed by the underwriter. If you are a loan processor, loan originator, or underwriter, you will use this important skill on every single loan you do. There’s no way around this! DU and LP findings will need to be on every loan file that’s completed by the lender to be compliant and to be able to sell the loan in the future. The truth is, underwriters can’t approve a loan unless they get an approve/eligible or accept/eligible status from DU or LP (some banks or lenders do manual underwrites but they are very few of them and is not the normal way you will get loans approved).

You can’t easily find content on this subject online because it’s information that’s taught to underwriters when they are being trained to underwrite loans!

What will I learn in this course?

  • You’ll learn what DU and LP are and how they affect the entire loan process.
  • You’ll become much more knowledgeable when it comes to reading and analyzing DU and LP findings.
  • You’ll learn to think like an underwriter by better interpreting the messages and the numbers that come back when you run the loan through Desktop Underwriter and Loan Product Advisor.
  • You’ll be able to save more loans and close more loans.
  • Also, you’ll become more confident when speaking to an underwriter about specific conditions.
  • Finally, you’ll be better prepared for future job opportunities that can come up.

What’s included in this course?

  • 4 real DU and LP examples explained in detail by the instructor.
  • Specialized knowledge you won’t find commonly online
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Access to the course instructor in case you have any questions
  • Course certificate upon 100% completion
  • 30 day money back guarantee


This is a more specialized course that does require some basic mortgage knowledge so I recommend you take either of these courses on Udemy before starting this course so that you understand what is being explained:

“Become a Mortgage Loan Processor”

“Start a Profitable Career as a Mortgage Loan Originator”

“Conditional Loan Approval Mortgage Training”

Who will benefit the most from this course?

  • Loan processors that want to prepare to do their best and get hired for higher paying positions.
  • Loan Originators that want to close more loans by pre-underwriting loans before hand and provide DU or LP findings to realtors with the pre-qualification letter.
  • Anyone who wants to start a career in underwriting.
  • Mortgage business owners that want to increase their turn over ratio and close more loans.
  • Realtors who want to understand if a potential buyer has a high probability of closing on the loan.

A course diploma will be available to you when all sections have been completed at 100% which you can save or print. For instructions on downloading your course diploma you can go to Udemy support.

Who is your instructor?

Joe Correa has closed hundreds of mortgage loans and owns his own mortgage company based in Orlando, Florida. He has over 24,000 students on Udemy, from beginners to advanced mortgage experts. Joe uses a simple and clear teaching technique that everyone will enjoy and benefit from.



Introduction to pre-underwriting a mortgage with DU and LP

Course structure
What is an AUS and why is it important to you?
How do DU and LP affect your capacity to get more loans approved?
Who should take this course?
How do you submit a loan to DU or LP?
Is there a way to guarantee a loan will be approved?
Going from 0 to 1 by starting a career in the mortgage industry
Once you submit the loan to underwriting, can you make changes on DU or LP?
The difference between a manual underwrite and an automated underwrite
What are overlays?
Using creativity to solve common mortgage problems

Instructor overview of examples of DU and LP scenarios

Example #1 for DU underwriting findings with an approve/eligible recommendation
Example #1 for DU underwriting findings Credit and liabilities
A quick interruption
Example #1 for DU underwriting findings Employment, income, and assets
Example #1 for DU underwriting findings Property, appraisal, and observations
Example #1 for DU underwriting findings underwriting analysis report
Example #2 for DU underwriting findings with a refer/ineligible recommendation
Example #3 LP findings with an accept/eligible recommendation on a refinance
Example #3 LP findings calculated values, borrower information, transaction info
Example #3 LP findings employment, income, assets, and reserves
Example #3 LP findings credit, liabilities, property, and appraisal
Example #3 LP findings general messages
Example #4 LP Accept/eligible recommendation summary, credit, mortgage
Example #4 LP Accept/eligible calculated values, borrower information, feedback
Example #4 LP Accept/eligible employment, income, assets, and reserves
Example #4 LP Accept/eligible credit, liabilities, property, appraisal

Important things to take into account when running DU and LP

Always double check AUS findings for errors
If I run a loan too many times on DU or LP will that affect my approval?
Quick tips to get more DU and LP approvals
Thank you

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